Sunday, April 29, 2007

My nemesis - the common cold

I mean, come on - why hasn't anyone yet found a cure for the common cold? It can happen in the game of Life; doesn't that mean it's totally feasible? Well, it hasn't happened yet, which means I am resigned to 7-10 days of zombie-like behavior, yawning at inappropriate times (an apology to my pastor for this morning), and having people look at me with a mixture of pity and disgust on their faces everytime I sniffle. It's okay, people, I'm one of the ones who washes my hands thoroughly after blowing my nose! And truth be told, I probably got it from YOU coughing without covering your mouth or wiping your nose and then shaking my hand. But I, ever the optimist, can think of some positive things about having a cold.

1) I am no longer obligated to touch people with whom I want no physical connection.
2) I can't smelly stinky things.
3) I can't tell if something tastes bad.
4) I feel a real sense of pride when I see something colorful in my Kleenex. (Don't act like this isn't true for you.)
5) I can sleep in and people think it's okay.
6) Along with #5, I can sit on my butt all day and people think it's okay.
7) I appreciate a hot shower so much more, as it relieves my sinuses.
8) I know it's only temporary, and not life-threatening, no matter how it seems first thing in the morning.

It ain't all bad.