Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 23

 Prayer time, pledges, and verse of the week (Proverbs 20:11)

Vikings: We talked about sailing today. Then, this afternoon, I just happened to pop in the Veggietales CD "Lyle, the Kindly Viking". It was total coincidence and it actually reinforced some stuff we talked about!

Poetry: Mother Goose rhyme: "The House that Jack Built".

Math: Today was the first time that a really new concept was introduced to Brianna, and I didn't even realize it was something she didn't know. It is a calendar concept, finding dates on a calendar and matching them with the day of the week. She could do that easily because she can read the days of the week. But when the book asked for the "second Friday" and "first Monday" she got totally confused. I realized she had never heard those phrases before. Duh! Sometimes as an adult it's hard to remember what a 5-year old knows and uses in her reality! I thought she would catch on really quickly, but I was wrong. Apparently I was explaining it in a way that totally was not working for her. She was getting frustrated and I was drawing a blank on how else to explain the concept to her. So I told her we were going to take a short break. I grabbed a drink and started praying about how to teach this concept that comes so easily to me as an adult. Well, it came to me - Chutes and Ladders! She has just picked up this game again recently and loves it. For some reason, when she started following the calendar dates like Chutes and Ladders, it just clicked for her. Once she got it on this sheet which only shows two weeks, I pulled out the real calendar and "quizzed" her. Sure enough, she was getting it! Whew! What a great teaching moment :-)

I know some people may think this is "busy work", but I like worksheets like this because it's kind of a brain break for her. I have tons of workbooks I've purchased over the years, so I just pull pages every so often for her to do.

History: We talked about the 10 Commandments today. Brianna named three right away which impressed me since we've never sat down and talked about them before.

 Language Arts: We did an activity called "How Do You Do That?" The point of the activity was for her to pick a simple activity she does all the time and explain it to someone who has never done it. She was to be as detailed and accurate as possible.

She chose to write about getting ready for lunch. First I had her list the things she thought she would need to do before eating. She listed: Fork, Spoon, Napkin, Chair, Water, Pray before lunch, and Wash hands. Then I had her describe in her own words how to do this. I then went back and made a couple of additions that I told her I thought would be helpful. I really didn't need to add much! I think she did great. I added words in red.

"Get your napkin from the napkin drawer. Bring it to the table. Set it down. Go get a fork and spoon from the silverware drawer. Go back to the table and set it down. Put the fork and spoon on the napkin. Go get your water from the counter. Fill it up with water from the sink. Bring it to the table. Set it down above your napkin. Get your chair. Bring it to the table. Set it down. Go wash your hands in Mommy and Daddy's bathroom. Go back to the table. Sit down. Pray. Eat.

 Community Helpers: Today we discussed police officers because tomorrow we have a field trip to the police station and fire department.

 Some of our favorite library books from the week:

 Other library books we've read but didn't enjoy as much:

 Magic School Bus Kindergarten Series: Today we learned about the 5 senses! Sarah and Holly put things into bags and the kids had to use their senses (except sight) to figure out the things in the bags. It was very fun!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 21 and Day 22

I didn't get to blog yesterday because a storm blew out our power! So here's a quick update:

Prayers, pledges, and Bible time: Our story yesterday was about God calling Moses and Moses answering God's call.

Bible verse: Practicing Proverbs 20:11:



Poetry: Mother Goose rhymes: "The Milkmaid" and "I Saw a Ship A-Sailing". From the Llama book: "Shrew".

Language Arts: Letter R and months of the year. We also practiced the phonics of letters "c" and "k".

History: Talking about Moses, Passover, and the plagues. Brianna was completely intrigued by the plagues, so I may have to find an activity for us to do!

CSB: Hunter has a new thing! On Tuesday nights he goes with Stephen to Christian Service Brigade. It's similar to Boy Scouts except it is faith-based. He is loving it so far! I love hearing his stories of Bible time and Frisbee games. Next week apparently they are going to take a bike apart and put it back together. I'm so glad he's into something like this!

Day 22:

Bible story: We talked about the first two plagues and Pharoah making the decision not to do as God asked.

Bible verse and coloring a knight:

Vikings: We talked about the Vikings today and the things they ate and how they prepared meals. Bri colored a picture of a knight while we talked. Don't ask me why it's raining on him! She loves to draw pictures of rain!

Poetry: From Mother Goose: "Polly", "Ten O'Clock Scholar", "One Misty, Moisty Morning" and "Seesaw, Margery Daw". From Llama: "Foxes" and "North Pole".

Math: Finally starting to talk about time! This is still review stuff for her, but it won't be long before she's learning some new material!

Language Arts: We talked about traffic vocabulary today. This is somewhat review. She was able to tell me exactly what the right lane, left lane, yellow lines and white lines on the road mean. I was pretty impressed, considering we've never come out and said anything straight forward about those. We also talked about a bunch of road signs which made me feel like I was back in driver's ed.

The road she drew: (very curvy!)

Some analogy pages: She caught on to these right away. They are kind of like riddles, and she loves riddles!

Thank you, Dollar Tree for a new book with time and money worksheets! I'm telling you, Dollar Tree has all (okay, a lot) of your homeschooling needs!