Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 76 and Day 77

Day 76 - Wednesday

During our time at PCA on Wednesday I thought the kids would enjoy making another big ornament. It was the first craft for some of these little ones! They were so cute!

Bri writes in her journal before we get started:

Learning the background of candy canes:

So much of our school stuff was top secret in December! We did a lot of volunteer work and writing letters to people and a lot of it can't be captured on camera. So our official school work may have been short on some of these days but we were having lots of fun and learning a lot outside the books!

Day 77 - Thursday

Early morning snuggles are the best!

Learning about the reason behind reindeer:

 Making ornaments while Hunter naps:

Favorite library books from this week: (I forgot to snap pictures of some of them)

Library books Brianna read:

Kindergarten - Day 74 and Day 75

Day 74 - Monday (December 8)

In December I substituted our regular Bible time with advent devotions. So we learned the background of many Christmas traditions, including Christmas trees, the treetop star or angel, carols, nativities, stockings, poinsettia plants, garland, and wreaths, to start off with. We discussed one per day.

Attempting to fold the dinner napkin in a fancy way as the book suggested (didn't work!)

 Making huge Christmas ornaments:

Going to Di'lishi on their last day of business! We're so sad!

After learning the background of poinsettias, we went and bought one from a local florist. Very pretty!

Day 75 - Tuesday

We have spent a lot of our school time writing thank you notes. We've taken so many great field trips this year and we want to make sure to thank everyone for their time! So we worked on that this week, as well as our handmade Christmas gifts for everyone in our family and extended family. 

We had a friend who, sadly, recently lost her mother. She owns a local business here in town so on her first day back we brought her donuts. We were hoping a sugar rush would make her smile!

 We learned the background of Christmas lights:

Lots of reading in this house, all the time. I don't usually get pictures of it though.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 72 and Day 73

Day 72 - Thursday (December 4)

 Reward chart reward - Dunkin Donuts!

Day 73 - Friday

 She was instructed to write the sentence that I read out loud - "Dad hid his fit cat." Very proud of her!

Then I read "mad - dip - sad - pad" and she wrote those words. She had to: circle the words that rhyme, underline the word that is the antonym for happy, put a box around the word with the "i" vowel, and write a word that rhymes with "dip".

 More cute Christmas crafts:

 Angel Tree delivery setup on Friday night!

Here are two library books from this week - not sure why I only snapped pics of these two.

This was one that Brianna read by herself. We really enjoyed it.