Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year

It's about to be a new year! Another year of putting the wrong year for the first two months on checks or journal entries.

Following in Daria's footsteps...

Good riddance to...
getting frustrated with Walgreens. I have figured them out so as not to get screwed by them anymore at the register.
working 50 hours a week or more. Well, in a place of business anyway.
illness. Not my own, but several family friends who have had cancer this year and for the moment are cancer-free. Good riddance, disease!

I'm thankful for...
All the time we got to spend with family.
Having several close family members and friends pass away and not feeling that sense of regret that comes when you don't stay in touch.
The opportunity to spend so much time couponing and giving back to the community.
Finding my spiritual niche.

I don't really do resolutions, especially since my 101 in 1001 list is still going. This year I want Fed By Faith to grow and help more people in the community, I'd like to exercise more, and make sure I am still spending plenty of time with friends and family. Pretty simple. But one thing I am going to do is also copied from Daria. I'm going to do the 100+ Reading Challenge. It's simply a challenge to read 100 or more books in 2010. For some reason that sounds like a really small number to me. But I guess we'll find out. I'm going to keep track of the books I read and I'll definitely pass a review on to you guys if I find some amazing reads.

That's all for today. Have a safe night everyone! I guess I will make it to midnight but will go straight to bed after that I'm sure. Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fun Stuff

The days of our vacation are slipping away. Before you know it we're going to be on the road back to North Carolina, back to reality. Booooo.

Yesterday, Stephen, Jennifer Kl. and I drove from Kennesaw to Chamblee to see my side of the family that lives in Georgia. We met up with everyone at Piccadilly - our classic dinner restaurant. I always get way too much food but it's sooo good. I got to hold Claire some during dinner since Bri was in a high chair. Claire is going through this phase where she squeals at an opera pitch. I LOVE it! I think it's great but I guess I can see how it could happen at inopportune times like during church or if you were on a work call from home. But really, who cares? Before long she won't be doing it anymore and we'll all be saying, "Remember how she used to just squeal at the top of her lungs? That was so cute!" Brianna never did anything like that so it just makes me giggle to hear Claire.

After dinner we went back to Grandpa's house for our annual Christmas party. Our family doesn't exchange a lot of gifts but we got some cool stuff. For my birthday mom and dad got me a Blockbuster gift card and a Lowe's Food gift card. I can't wait to use those! We don't ever, ever rent movies unless we have a gift card so that will be really nice. I got a Chick Fil-A gift card from the Coles (yes!) and they gave Brianna two great books and a pretty wall hanging for the nursery. It's a hand-me-down from Brantley and has a "B" on it. Then some of our family friends gave Brianna a really cute piggy bank and a doll. Bri played with the doll for a long time. It says "I love you" when you press a button and she smiled every time it said that. Buddy gave me a whole collection of his favorite opera arias on CDs. He gives the best presents!! We listened to one CD on the way home last night and I'll listen to the rest on my own probably. Not many people appreciate opera but I definitely love it. And I trust Buddy's taste. We also got cash from Grandpa and Buddy which is always good.

The other day we hit Target, HomeGoods and World Market. I can't remember if I already blogged about that or not. Anyway, today we went to Mellow Mushroom and we were close to a different Target so we ran in there to see what different items they had on sale and to see if they had marked it down to 75% off yet. They hadn't but I asked a salesperson who said it should be marked down soon. I love the fact that they have price scanners. I had about a dozen items in my cart but after I scanned all of them I was down to three - two which cost $0.99 and one that was $0.79. But then I figured I didn't really need any of those so I put them back. If they're there when it's 75% off I'll get them but I won't be perturbed if they're gone.

It's sleeting here! Off and on. I wish it would snow.

Okay, so I did a Rite Aid trip and Walgreens trip the other day (the show must go on, even on vacation) and got a few good deals. You may not be able to tell by the prices but I got stuff I really needed and the stuff I didn't need was really cheap. Without further ado:

Rite Aid:

Crest toothpaste
RP $3.49. SP $2.49. Minus $1.50 rebate. Minus $0.75 coupon. FP - $0.24

RP $6.99. SP $4.99. Minus $2.00 rebate. Minus $1.50 coupon. FP - $1.49

Kotex pads
RP $3.99. SP $2.99. Minus $2.00 rebate. Minus $1.00 coupon. FP - Free

Gillette Fusion razor
RP $10.99. SP $7.99. Minus $2.00 rebate. Minus $4.00 coupon. FP - $1.99

L'Oreal mascara
RP $13.49. SP $3.37. Minus $2.00 coupon. FP - $1.37

Scott wipes
RP $2.79. SP $1.99. Minus $0.50 coupon. FP - $1.49

Cover Girl brow maker
RP $2.89. SP $0.72. Minus $1.00 coupon. FP - Free

NYC brow and liner pencils
RP $1.99. Minus $1.00 rebate. Minus $1.00 coupon. FP - Free

L'Oreal eye shadow
RP $4.49. SP $1.12. Minus $2.00 coupon. FP - Free

SoyJoy bars
RP $1.39. SP $0.60. Minus $3.00 rebate on 5. FP - Free

Final shopping total: Spent $22.19. Saved $13.75. Will receive $11.50 in rebates. And I'll sell the makeup on eBay. So not too bad.

Actually, I'm not gonna write about the Walgreens trip because it was all pretty boring stuff. But I spent $11.13 and saved $20.27 and got back $1 in RR. Again I got several things I needed so it was a good run.

Tomorrow we're hitting the mall and then the next day we're hitting Target and HomeGoods again to see if they've cut the clearance items down to 75% yet. I don't remember it taking them this long other years to mark stuff down. Oh yeah, I did get Brianna some CUTE mittens today from Target for next Christmas. They were marked down to 50 cents. They are awesome!! Her little hands get so cold from being in her mouth and everything.

Okay this post is LONG. So I'll get off now.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Birthday Day

I am oldddddddddder today. I am closer to 30 as Stephen says. I am 27 today and for some reason that sounds much older than 26. I think it took me a while to get used to 26 too though.

Tonight is our Christmas party with my Georgia family. I can't wait to see them!

Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm not posting pictures BUT we did have some great pictures today. Leila and Corky arranged for a family photo shoot today. The photographer is a friend of theirs who does photography on the side. Although I haven't seen the pictures yet I know he did a great job. We did all types of combinations for the pictures. Afterwards, he came over to the house and did a photo shoot with just Brianna. I did get to peek at some of those over his shoulder and they were great! Within the next few days we should get to see the prints and I know we'll buy several. I can't wait to post them after we buy them.

More later!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


We're on vacation this week so it's going to be hard to keep blogging but I've got to make it through December! I can't post pictures because I'm on the laptop though.

We had a great trip down to Georgia yesterday. Brianna slept some and played a lot, ate great and went to bed right on time. She took a great nap this morning and has really only been fussy when she's hungry or tired, which is normal, but we weren't sure how she'd be in a "new" environment.

Lauren found this great play table at a consignment store for Bri and she loves it. There is so much going on on the table, music and lights and all that, so it's perfect for her. One of her Christmas presents was a pair of these cute booties with rattles on them! As much as she plays with her feet she will really enjoy those. She has another present but hasn't opened it yet. What could it be.......???

I got some great clearance deals at Target, HomeGoods and World Market today but I'm hoping to go back at the end of the week when stuff is 75% off instead of just 50%. I passed up several things so if they're still there in a few days I'll get some more great deals! Deals that will please my new Secret Sister.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Rob gave Brianna the biggest Pooh Bear I have ever seen!! He is bigger than she is! She absolutely loved talking to him and smooching on him:

He's like a big pillow right now!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Last Christmas Pictures

The last Christmas pictures for now anyway!! We still have Christmas with my family and then Christmas with mine and Stephen's families in Georgia!! We make Christmas last around here. The first set of pictures are from last night's Christmas celebration with the Talberts. The next set is Brianna receiving her one present from Santa this morning!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the Night

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house; Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;

The children were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads;

And mamma in her 'kerchief, and I in my cap, Had just settled down for a long winter's nap.


Merry Christmas Eve!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not Giving... Receiving!

Today I was given something rather than giving something. Mom and dad watched Brianna while I went to the company Christmas party today at lunch. It was at Valenti's, and if you haven't gone there recently, please GO! Soooo good. We had a buffet with salad, lasagna, baked ziti, fettucini alfredo, hot wings, barbecue wings and garlic rolls. I had one of everything except two plates of lasagna and four barbecue wings and four garlic rolls. YUM! Oh, and chocolate cake and apple cake for dessert. I just had the apple but it was delish! I have always recommended Valenti's but I really am after this!

We played a game where Tim played Christmas songs and we had to shout out the name first to win. I won two prizes - a scratch-off ticket! Unfortunately, I won zilch. Which is why I don't play the lottery. I don't have the luck for it. Funny story - two years ago Jenn and Matt bought me scratch-off tickets for my birthday. I had always wanted to play the lottery but never knew how to. On my first $1 card I won $10!! It was kind of addicting which is why I don't play for real.

The big drawings were for a $50 bill and $100. When it came to the $100 bill, I started praying. And I mean, I was serious! I prayed, Lord, you know we could really use this $100 right now. And then Renee called my ticket number!! I walked around to everyone saying, "I prayed, and I WON!!" Everyone looked at me like I was nuts but it was the truth!! Kathee said, "That's how I won last year!" Haha.

Tonight we went bowling with the youth group. We filled up three lanes (did you know eight people can bowl on one lane now?) and it was so much fun! On our lane, Stephen won the first game and I won the second. I had to leave after the second game because it was Brianna's bedtime.

I got some cool stuff in the mail two days ago that I was going to blog about but my post was so big that day I skipped it all.

I followed in Jenn's footsteps to become a Thomas Nelson book reviewer
. I received my first book by Charles Stanley, "How to Reach Your Full Potential for God". I am loving it so far. This is definitely a book I will hang on to.

Next... I am doing a product review on a new L'Oreal product.

Want visibly thicker, fuller, bare lashes that look multiplied? Experience the revolutionary power of L'Oreal Paris' Lash Boosting Technology in a new concentrated serum and two-step mascara.

L'Oreal promises thicker lashes, the look of them multiplying, less lash loss during makeup removal, and that your lashes will be in better condition after just 4 weeks of using both the serum and mascara.

You apply the serum in the morning and at night on bare lashes. Next, in the morning, after the serum dries, you apply a Lash Boosting Primer on first, and then the mascara on next. L'Oreal claims the mascara topcoat instantly lengthens your lashes up to 80%.

The serum is estimated to cost around $14.95. The mascara will most likely cost around $12.95. Or you can get a starter kit with both together for $24.95.

They are safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, which is what I was concerned about.

They will be available in stores such as Walmart, Target, CVS and Walgreens beginning January 2010.

I took pictures of my lashes today. I will post before and after pictures after I use this product for 4 weeks! That way you can know if it's a hit or miss.

Year In Status Messages

There is this new application on Facebook that shows your Facebook "status" messages for the last year. I definitely wanted to look at these because I love things like that. So here are some of my favorite status messages, beginning in January:


wonders why the office smells like nail polish remover.
does not have the diabeetus. Woot woot!
never asked to be coughed on.
is gone on the annual Girls Only road trip! This year's destination: Greenville, SC.
is excited for the pink or blue party tonight!
is eating cream cheese brownies for breakfast.
reminds Stephen that he said she's allowed unlimited potty breaks on this long drive to Georgia!
wishes mom a happy 2nd new liver anniversary! Party down tonight!
was just thrown a surprise baby shower at work! What an awesome group of people!
thinks Stephen should bake bread more often.
is still recovering from baby showers and movie marathons and lack of sleep!
doesn't trust anyone on April 1.
can't wait to have homemade ice cream at work!
chews the banana bubble gum first because it's her least favorite.
is working, going to a doctor's appointment, having dinner with the 'rents, and "updating Cindy with progress."
is going to yard sales and then... work? relax? gardening? I'm undecided.
Brianna Mae Talbert has arrived! 6 lbs 14 oz, 19 1/2 inches, and gorgeous!
has become oblivious to the outside world.
is cooking calzones and listening to Stephen read to Brianna from a hunting magazine. Life is good.
is going to take Bri on her first CFA date with Jenn today!
is teaching her daughter that eating ice cream straight from the carton is not only acceptable, it's mandatory.
loves federal holidays because it means Stephen is off!
is taking Bri on her first long road trip!
thinks cupcakes are a great idea.
needs D batteries for the swing.... STAT!
is going to SC to stock up on fireworks.
loves the Baby Bjorn because it frees up her hands so she can hold her baby and eat Ben and Jerry's at the same time.
loves working from home in her PJs.
Claire Devon Kirby has arrived! 3:46 am, 7 lbs 9 oz, 21 3/4 long. I'm an aunt, yay!
Klondike bar + Ted Dekker = gooooooood.
is grateful for two incredible services at church, lunch out with the family, delicious homemade chicken salad by mom, and a baby who sleeps.
Hat Sunday at church!
Work + Brianna = mortal enemies
loves Brianna's random belly laughs.
Brianna doesn't realize that at 5:00am you're supposed to sleep, not laugh and play. I want to be irritated but her smile is too cute.
came home from being gone for four hours for VBS to find out the clubhouse on our golf course is on fire.
5 people saved tonight at VBS!
6 more kids saved at VBS!
We had 3 more saved at VBS tonight!
can't believe I had time to sit by the pool yesterday and go shopping for no reason with Jenn today. That is a great weekend!
Stephen just passed his test for Master Sergeant! He is awesome!
dancing around the kitchen with Brianna to Jack Johnson.
Why am I always looking the other way when Brianna rolls over?
Today's choice of kitchen dance music: Beatles!
My baby is like, "Naps? Naps are of the devil! And setting me down? Is child abuse! Now please don't interrupt me blowing raspberries again."
thinks that if you roll over onto your stomach on purpose you shouldn't whine about it.
got her flu shot today. Go get yours!
can't believe Brianna is still asleep. Doesn't she know it's triple coupon day!?
I'm actually going running. I need prayers that my body won't fight it like a disease attacking my immune system.
Is there anything better than a yard sale that is 5 miles long?
had too much Cranergy tonight. Darn you, natural green tea extracts!
loves when her husband leaves her little notes to find in the morning.
Going to church to repent for all the things we did with the ladies group from church at Myrtle Beach. Hahaha!
Stephen just caught me pouring ketchups from Sonic into our ketchup bottle here. I admit it. I am a frugal addict.
Going on a day trip to Morrow Mountain with mom and dad! Thankful that Brianna's Opa (grandfather) is home safe from Baghdad!
I'm so sincerely glad for my friend who got saved at church this morning! So excited!!
While Stephen was on the phone with an employee being stern about some paperwork, he got the hiccups. Probably couldn't take him as seriously after that.
Welcome to Moe's!
might have to swim to church tonight. Will get floaties for Brianna if that happens.
This afternoon I was eating brownies on the way out the door to church with Brianna in one hand. I accidentally smudged brownie and caramel on the butt of her clothes. So just in case you saw it and thought it was something else, it wasn't.
It's a good day for hot chocolate, a fireplace, and a lunch date with mom!
How many kings stepped down from their thrones? How many lords have abandoned their homes? How many greats have become the least for me? How many Gods have poured out their hearts to romance a world that has torn all apart? How many fathers gave up their sons for me? Only One did that for me. - Downhere, "How Many Kings?"

This brought back so many memories for me. I have loved you, 2009.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Loving It!

I've had so many good things happen lately I am way behind because I haven't been blogging about them. Life is GOOD.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early for youth drama practice at church. We were doing a last minute practice for the play we were doing on Sunday morning.

From church, I dropped Brianna off and mom and dad's and picked up Stephen. We met Granny and Granddaddy at their house and we were off to Fayetteville! For three years in a row, we have gone with them to the Cape Fear Regional Theatre to see "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". Love, love, love this play. They tweak it a little every year so it's just a bit different. We always get great seats, and everything about the play is always so much fun, and touching, and just awesome. Also, we always go to eat at Haymont Grill beforehand, which is this great Greek place. This year I got flounder and shrimp. Pete, the owner, actually goes down to the coast to get the fish fresh. So you know it's good! Stephen got a lamb gyro which was so good. The owner knows Granny and Granddaddy and always stops to talk to us. It's so cool. The best part of it is just driving up and back with them, having an opportunity to talk without interruption or time limits. This was the first year we went in the afternoon instead of the evening. So usually on the way home we stop to look at Christmas lights but this year we had to get home early to rescue mom and dad from Brianna. (Haha!)

Sunday morning we did the youth drama. It was choreographed to Switchfoot's "This is Your Life". I did videotape it but of course it's on the video camera which I cannot hook up to my computer for some reason. I need to figure it out because it was awesome!!!

Sunday night we had our adult Christmas cantata. Mom and dad once again watched Bri, this time from the pews in church! Since Stephen and I are both in the choir and there was no nursery, they were the best option, especially since they were coming to the cantata anyway. I thought the cantata was beautiful, and I absolutely loved singing it.

Yesterday was a super busy day. I had to complete everything for Fed By Faith and all my personal errands just so I'd have the rest of the week "off" so to speak. So, Brianna and I went all over the county, from the post office to Walgreens to Blockbuster (dropping off a free movie we got last week) to Rite Aid. Then it was off to Harris Teeter, where I paid $1.70 for $20 worth of groceries. Just had to throw that in there. Then I had to go to Lowe's Food where I spent $5 for $25 worth of groceries. Just throwing that in there. I saw mom in the parking lot (go figure) and asked her if I could please use her freezer while I ran the rest of my errands. Isn't it handy to have parents close when you need them?? =) She not only let me use her freezer but kept Brianna while I went to church. I dropped off diapers/wipes and more food/stuff for our Fed By Faith family. I also took the opportunity to switch some things from my old "office" to the new "office" since I had two hands. As soon as I finished, brought Bri home, and fed her it was time to start cooking! I made more wassail and got a batch of molasses ginger cookies ready for Gail's Christmas party at Matt and Jenn's house. Of course I didn't get any of it done and had to finish it at Jenn's, but that didn't matter. The party was great! Claire went to bed early again but she was perfect while she was awake. Brianna was in some kind of mood last night. She was so funny!! All I did was lay her down to change her clothes and she started doing some hilarious things. We played with her for a long time. Gail and Jeff got her this cute toy - it's a mama elephant and a baby elephant, and the mama elephant sings to the baby. She played with them for such a long time, and we got them out again tonight for her to play with.

This morning we started off the day with a doctor's appointment. Brianna lost a little bit of weight a few weeks ago when she had a cold and we were supposed to go back today to check in and make sure she's gaining weight back. I'll say she is! She had gained 13 ounces in just a week! She's definitely totally over the sickness now, feeling great, and getting back in her groove. To think it all started over Thanksgiving when our heat went out. That's when we think it started, anyway. After that I went to work to put in some time since we're getting ready to be gone for long over Christmas/New Year's. I was planning to only stay for an hour or so but Brianna fell asleep and ended up taking a nap that lasted about 2 1/2 hours! She takes naps like that at home but never at work. The trick? I put her in the bathroom with the exhaust fan on. I don't care what people think. I don't care. It works. And I got so much done while that child was asleep. We have three bathrooms at work, so people were detoured but no one cared.

I had to run to the post office after work and it was awesome! There was a long line, I had to pee, and I knew Brianna was hungry but I wanted to get this package mailed out today. One way I could tell Bri was hungry is that as soon as we got in line she grabbed the package and started gnawing on the corner of it. I let her, because, hey, she was quiet. I noticed a little boy next to me in line who would peek at Bri and then just start giggling.

Boy: Why is he eating that?
Mom: (exasperated laugh) It's a girl!
Me: She eats on everything!
Mom: She must be teething and that feels good on her teeth.
Boy: (gross face) But she doesn't have any teeth!
Mom: They're coming though.
Boy: My teeth growed in!
Mom: Grew in.
Me: And now they're falling out!! (Two of his front teeth were missing)
Boy: And I have two more loose ones in the front!!

I was looking at the front of the front of the line when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. The little boy had a stuffed penguin and he was making it dance for Brianna, trying to get her attention.

Mom: Do you want to ask her name?
Boy: What's her name?
Me: Brianna. What's your name?
Boy: Joseph. How much months is he?
Mom: (laughs) How many months is she? She's a GIRL.
Joseph: How many months is she?
Me: Eight.
Joseph: My Webkinz is zero months. (holds up Webkinz)
Mom: The Webkinz is a newborn.
Me: Aww, that's very cool! What's it's name?
Joseph: Little Peeps. But she likes to be called Peeps.
Me: Is she your only Webkinz?
Joseph: No, I have a dragon at home too. Called Drags.
Mom: We were buying Webkinz for other children and I told him I would buy him one too.
Me: You have a great mom!
Joseph: (nods head rapidly, grinning)


Joseph: Does it have a brother or sisters?
Mom: (sighs) She's a GIRL!
Me: No, no brothers or sisters right now.
Joseph: Wow, I thought I was the only one like that, without brothers or sisters.
Mom: (rolls eyes)
Me: I promise, you aren't the only one like that. Plus that makes you special! You'll always be your mom and dad's favorite!
Joseph: (nods head rapidly, grinning)


Joseph: Why is it holding onto that thing? (the envelope)
Mom: SHE!
Me: I think she just wants to see how it feels. It's new to her.
Mom: You were touching our package at first, remember?
Me: Yeah, look at how bubbly your package is!
Joseph: Yeah, it's so cool. What else does she like to do?
Me: Pretty much put things in her mouth and sleep. That's pretty much it.
Joseph: (looks bored) That's it?
Me: She can't do all the cool stuff you're able to do yet!
Mom: What kind of stuff do you like to do?
Joseph: Go swimming... go under water.... be in the water.
Me: What do you do in the winter when it's cold outside?
Joseph: I play with Legos inside. But I like being in water. Even though I can't do a flip yet. But I can probably do one by the time I'm ten.
Me: How old are you now?
Joseph: Six.
Me: I bet you'll be able to do one soon. You should definitely try this summer.
Mom: I bet you can do one by the time you're seven.
Joseph: That envelope is soggy.
Me: Yeah, the post office people probably won't appreciate that.
Joseph: (stares at me) What are they gonna do?
Mom: (laughs) They'll just tape over it or something.
Me: It'll be okay, I promise!

Up at the counter...

Post Office Employee: (This guy and I mutually love each other) What happened to this envelope!?
Me: (giggling)
Joseph: The baby did it!!!
P.O. Employee: Oh my golly, I just can't believe this. Tsk, tsk.
Brianna: .....
Joseph: (cackling)

I'm laughing as I read this, picturing this adorable red-headed boy with two front teeth missing, who had an unbelievable grin, a laidback mom, and such a great personality. I know he lit up the entire post office. He made my day!!

Tonight I went to the hospital to see a friend of ours. I think I spoke about her in a previous post - my "3rd grandmother". I went with the intentions of singing some Christmas songs to her but when I got there I found out the family had called hospice in. She was on so much medication I think she barely even realized I was there. We're leaving for Georgia the day after Christmas and I'm pretty sure we'll receive the news of her passing while we're there.

Someone one time said that we should lay our hands on her and pray, and she would be healed, "because that's what the Word says." Well, I believe in God's healing powers, and I believe in prayer, and I know four specific occasions that people were healed and it had to have been God that did it because doctors didn't have any answers. But I also believe that when it's your time, it's your time, and that God knows what He's doing. I stopped praying for her to get better about 2 weeks ago. She's in a lot of pain and keeps having mini-strokes and has a bleed on the brain now. I was praying for healing for her completely out of selfishness. So all I pray now is that she's not scared, not in any pain, and for the family. But doesn't it just seem unfair for this to happen right at Christmas? I know life isn't always fair. But it's still so easy for me to think that - it isn't fair.

As I was leaving the hospital, weepy and sad, I remembered the fruit in my trunk. Tracey and Mark had a ton of leftover fruit from a church function that they had given me to give to our Fed By Faith family. Unfortunately I wasn't going to have the chance to see the family again until after the new year and I was scared the fruit would all go bad by then. So I went out to my car and brought in these boxes of fruit, marched up to the 2nd floor - Labor and Delivery - and pretty much said, "Here ya go!" The nurses ran over as soon as they saw I had goodies. They promised they would share them with the nurses, patients who could have them, and visitors. They were so appreciative and you could tell it just made their night - even just to have a little break in the monotony. Although I doubt there's ever monotony on the L&D floor!!!

All in all today was such a wonderful day. I laughed and I cried, but I loved my life today, which is the norm. I do apologize for this post - the longest post in the world. Congratulations if you made it this far. I applaud you. Now go get some eye drops.

Fed By Faith Newsletter

For everyone who isn't on the email list. Want to be? Email me at or leave a comment.

Hey everyone,

I wanted to give you all kind of a final update on our family for the month of December. I was so fortunate to be able to meet one of the girls and three kids from this family. Meeting them made it more exciting to be giving them all this stuff, I think.

People from both our church and the community wanted to give Christmas to this family. People donated a Christmas tree, tree skirt, lights, and decorations. With a monetary donation we bought stockings for the children and tree ornaments. People donated stocking stuffers, books and toys for the children as well. I know some people donated from their children's toy chests, but some went out and spent their own Christmas money on toys for these children. Either way, I am so grateful for those of you who donated!

We had several blankets donated. With another monetary donation we were able to buy a blender and toaster for the family, which they had asked for at the last minute. Someone also donated a mixer to them. With yet another monetary donation we were able to buy diapers and baby wipes for the children. We also had several bags of clothes donated that fit members of this family, so thank you to all these people as well who donated items or money!

I wanted to try to give you a figure so that you know how much good is being done with the items you have donated. As I put things in boxes to give to the family, I inventoried everything we were giving them, and then I priced out every item possible. That means items such as clothes or blankets were not priced, but items such as rice or toothpaste were. Please note this figure also does not include the blender, toaster, mixer, diapers or baby wipes, or any of the Christmas items. The amount came to approximately $293.00 worth of necessities we gave to this family. To be honest, I didn't even want to stop boxing items up, but we were going to move these people out of their house if we kept taking things to them!! It's been estimated that this family will eat off this food for months, which is so amazing to me.

The 22-year old confessed to Cindy the other day that she had taken some of the canned meat to a neighbor because he lives alone and "has nothing." How rich this family must feel now, when only weeks ago they probably felt like they had nothing! To me, that is proof that this ministry can reach further than any of us will ever know. What might that man do now that someone has reached out to him? And the person he reaches out to, what might they do for someone else? It's going to be a chain reaction.

We've donated a Bible to this family and I so hope that they read it. I want them to really understand why we're spending time writing emails, purchasing items, clipping coupons, rummaging through our attics, and praying for them. If one person gets saved from this ministry, all that time will be totally worth it.

So I'll tell you what I told our congregation at church yesterday - continue praying, giving, and praising God for all His blessings. I believe these are the key ingredients to being able to feed people by faith.

God bless and Merry CHRISTmas everyone! I will be in touch again in January about a new family.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Giving Up

I am giving up on blogging for the night. My husband is threatening me if I don't come to bed. I think he has noticed the dark circles under my eyes. Haha! I will have to catch up on this awesome day another time!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Tons of pictures just uploaded from my camera. I uploaded about 150 so be glad I didn't put all of them on here!! They're totally out of order.