Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

So many presents under the tree! The kids wanted to buy something for everyone this year!

Christmas with part of Stephen's family:

Santa is coming!

Poor Santa... all he got was a Pop Tart and a glass of milk.

"Dear Santa, Thank you for the presents. We left you milk and Pop Tarts. Milk that's plain without chocolate. Haha! Love, Bri and Hunter" (dictated precisely from Brianna to Stephen; she drew the Christmas tree at the bottom)

The big gift:

Brianna gets dressed before she comes downstairs in the mornings. She always looks put together! Here she is telling us that she doesn't want to open presents without Hunter (he wasn't awake yet).

Christmas at Granny & Granddaddy's!

For Hunter's birthday in September, all he asked for was a dragon. Mom and Dad gladly got him a dragon... which I later realized was just one part of an entire set! We got him the castle to go with it and it's a huge hit!!

Brianna wants everyone to see her clown pen from her stocking:

Hunter's dart board for his room (magnetic darts!)

Most of these videos will be for grandparents, if they're interested in seeing the kids' reactions this morning!

7 minutes: Kids first thing

47 seconds: Kids opening Glow Pets

2 minutes: Kids opening presents

11 seconds: Showing Hunter how the castle reacts to the dragon he got for his birthday from Grandma and Grandpa!

3 minutes: Hunter being a DJ with the toy Grandpa Talbert and Kathy got for him: