Friday, August 28, 2009

Picture Update

Brianna slept the longest last night she ever has - about eleven hours. It felt really good to sleep in this morning! I slept until about 8:00 and then she didn't even get up until a little after 9:00. I guess the stars were aligned just right for her. The past two nights she has slept much better, and I think it's because I've been supplementing her right before bed. I give her two ounces of formula, and then she nurses. One night I even gave her another ounce of breastmilk right after the formula. Also, she didn't take a nap - at all - yesterday, so I'm sure she was worn out!! She has definitely become accustomed to sleeping on her stomach, which freaks me out as I wake up and realize I haven't heard her make a sound for 5... 7... 9 hours. Of course, mom said 30 years ago she was freaking out about just the opposite - us sleeping on our backs. It's just nature for moms to freak out occasionally, I guess.

These pictures are from the last three weeks. She's starting to love the Johnny Jump-up, although she doesn't have it perfected yet. Joy came over the other night to see her, and of course she was cranky part of the time. Since she's down to one or ZERO naps a day, she gets pretty cranky in the evenings. Anyway, most of the pictures are self-explanatory. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Round Two

Round two of double coupons:

Pringles super stackers - Regular price $1.99. I paid $0.99.
Pop Tarts - Regular price 2 for $4.98. I paid $0.77 for two.
Special K cereal - Regular price $3.19. I paid $1.19.
Ken's marinade - Regular price $3.49. I paid nothing.
Marble Mix-in for ice cream - Regular price $3.39. I paid nothing.
Budweiser BBQ sauce - Regular price $2.99. I paid nothing.
Herbal Essence shampoo - Regular price 2 for $7.58. I paid $0.50 for two.
Sara Lee chocolate creme pie - Regular price $3.79. I paid $1.79.
Pillsbury Grands biscuits - Regular price $1.49. I paid $0.94.

I also got several things I had gotten yesterday - more Clearasil pads, for example.

I'll try to do a more personal update tomorrow. For now, to get your fill, go to dad's blog.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Double Coupons

Harris Teeter is doing "super" double coupons again this week, so it was time to hit the stores again!!

Mountain Dew - Regular price $5.99. I paid $2.40.
Lysol air freshener - Regular price $3.79. I paid $0.79.
Tide To Go - Regular price $2.99. I paid $0.50.
Glade odor eliminator - Regular price $2.49. I paid $0.50.
Raid - Regular price $4.99. I paid $0.49.
Scott toilet paper (12 double rolls) - Regular price $8.99. I paid $4.99.
Colgate toothpaste - Regular price $3.19. I paid $0.50.
Suave lotion - Regular price $2.97. I paid $0.97.
Vaseline lotion - Regular price $3.79. I paid $1.29.
Reach toothbrush - Regular price $3.99. I paid $0.44.
Floss - Regular price $1.59. I paid nothing.
Clearasil facial pads - Regular price $4.99. I paid nothing.
Clearasil face wash - Regular price $5.49. I paid $0.49.
Bic utility lighter - Regular price $4.29. I paid $0.99.
Playtex disposable gloves - Regular price $1.99. I paid nothing.
McCain french fries - Regular price $3.49. I paid $1.74.

All in all, I spent $31 and saved $73. Woot woot!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Onion Knows

My onion knows how I feel. Look, it's lactating.


Now Brianna will not stop rolling over, but still refuses to go from her stomach to her back. This is pretty normal now:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Such a Girl

I went into the kitchen to make dinner (popcorn) and saw a huge black blob next to the trash can. Over a year ago, I made an informal pact with spiders to be more accommodating and understanding.

Number one, I'm not sure that rule applies when Stephen isn't home.

Number two, I'm not sure it applies to wolf spiders.

I jumped, Brianna jumped (I was holding her), and then I did what any normal person would do. I threw tupperware at the spider, hoping it would land on the spider, capturing it but not killing it. Because I AM still trying to live up to my pact, people. I came really close, hitting the spider's legs a couple of times. Succeeded in driving it under our dishwasher. So now there is a wolf spider living under my dishwasher. I am SO grossed out!! I therefore am confined to the living room and bedroom for the remainder of the evening... or until he is captured. Do I need to confine Brianna to her swing or my arms? As I type this I am having to glance over my shoulder every so often, because my back is toward the kitchen.

If anyone has any bait ideas for wolf spiders, let me know. I don't like this guy, but I'd like him captured alive so he can continue eating our insects.


Congratulations to me! I get the Worst Mother Award!

About a week ago, I started having problems with Brianna and nursing. She seemed to be hungry every 2-3 hours, which wasn't the norm for her. The doctor said at her last appointment that she is likely going through a growth spurt and it's normal. The problem is I gave it about a week for my milk to catch up with her, but it doesn't seem to be happening. This means that she wakes up now after 5-6 hours at night to eat. I know I am selfish, but I much preferred the 9-10 hour nights!!

So, being the bad mother I am, two nights last week I chose to supplement Brianna with formula. That's right, I gave her the devil's concoction. I gave her two ounces and then she still ate from both sides before falling asleep! Both nights she slept around 7 hours. But then I told myself that I really need to nurse her as much as possible to get my milk flowing, so I quit doing that. The lactation consultant told me to try an herb - Fenugreek - and I started that today, so we'll see how that goes.

Reason #2 I am up for this award: Brianna loves playing with mirrors. I have started "flying" her toward her reflection in the mirror lately, and she just laughs and laughs. Yesterday my depth perception was way off, which meant she got up close and personal with her reflection. Don't worry, grandparents, she doesn't even have a red mark, and she's only slightly sluggish today. KIDDING!!

I would write more but I am actually kind of in a hurry, so this post is going to be shorter than anticipated. Brianna has rolled over once a day every day for about a week now, and today she has done it a total of six times. She has tried more than that, only to be halted by her play thing which she runs into. She refuses to go from her stomach to her back, so she rolls over on her stomach only to whine until I put her back on her back. Then she almost immediately rolls over again. What's the deal?? Only one time today has she rolled from her stomach to her back.

She has learned the art of spitting, so do not be alarmed if she spits at you or sticks out her tongue at you.

Gail came over yesterday and Brianna was good practically the whole time! We had a lot of fun - Bri tends to perform for people occassionally. She really performed today while we were at work.

Okay, that is all I can think of in this hurried post. I just wanted to write some of this down before I forgot.

Monday, August 17, 2009

What's Your S.T.O.R.Y.?

About 5% of the time, I decide that staying at home is not right for me. This is usually during one of those days where Brianna just refuses to be set down but screams bloody murder if someone other than me tries to hold her. Fortunately, those days are few and far between. The other 95% of the time includes days like today, where I just get to hold her and dance around the kitchen to Jack Johnson, cleaning out the refrigerator in between dips which make her laugh.

A while ago, I started reading a Max Lucado book called "Cure for the Common Life". I needed to read this book - I mean, whose life is more common than mine? One thing this book talks about it finding your S.T.O.R.Y. The gist is, God never called you to be anyone but you - not your parents, not your hero, not your older siblings. But he did call you to be the best you you can be. Finding your S.T.O.R.Y. is about finding out who you are at your best.

1. S - What are your strengths? - What do you have a knack for? Repairing? Creating? Organizing? Your strengths are things that seem so simple to you but are actually hard for other people to accomplish. Leila can walk into a room and envision new decor and a new design. And while she's talking it out, she'll say, "But it's not that hard!" But it's not that easy for everyone else. My friend Allison does the same with making jewelry. She designs it and then creates it - "and it's so easy!" But not for everyone. Find the certain things that come easy to you - those are your strengths.

2. T - What is your topic? - What kinds of things do you enjoy working with? People? Animals? Math? God gives us fascinations with certain things. What are you passionate about - what makes your pulse race? Dad is purely passionate about people. I would say that children are his passion - after all, he did teach for 33 years - but throw him into a nursing home, church, or other setting, and he's just as passionate.

3. O - What are your optimal conditions? - What factors trigger your motivation? Problems? Surprises? Paramedics may be motivated by a crisis setting and people in need. You may want so much structure that you are most comfortable in an assembly-line setting! Find the conditions you work best in and are happiest in.

4. R - What about relationships? - Think back to your moments of satisfaction and success. At those times, how were you relating to people? Some people want a team, while others function alone. Some prefer to be leaders while some are best at assisting. Know your ideal relationship setting. If you like to lead people and energize people, but you're working behind a computer all day long, your days will pass slowly and you may feel more down and less useful. Some of my favorite times of satisfaction have been working with the kids at Vacation Bible School at church, leading music. I am not a leader in my life usually, but somehow when it comes to that situation, I can take charge and feel totally in control. Also, I'm sure I work better with kids rather than adults - with kids you can just be crazy and silly and totally flexible, whereas adults just think too much - and get embarrassed way too easily about just letting go!

5. Y - Yes! - In the movie Chariots of Fire, Eric Liddell says, "God made me fast, and when I run, I feel his pleasure." When do you feel God's pleasure? When do you look up to heaven and say to yourself, "I was made to do this." At what point do your strengths, topic, optimal conditions and relationships converge to make you say, "Yes"!! When that happens, you're living out your S.T.O.R.Y.

Accept God's permission to be whom he made you to be. A frog can flap its legs and never fly. Maybe your heroes and mentors are birds and you just keep flapping your frog legs. You think you should fly and you feel guilty that you can't. It's okay to jump instead of flying. In fact, that's just what you were made for!

When it comes to being you, you were made for the part.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Round Two

I was able to do round two of triple coupons yesterday, thanks to Stephen babysitting Brianna. I didn't want to take her with me because I wasn't sure she would feel up to it. She really wasn't very fussy yesterday, stilled played with us a lot, but did seem to be a little warm. I don't think she had a fever, but I think she was only operating about 95%. She slept 9 hours again last night, for the first time in two or three days. She is in a really good mood this morning. Anyway, here is my list for day two of triple coupons!

Scotch bubble mailers - Regular price $0.79. I paid nothing.
Fruit by the Foot - Regular price $2.89. I paid $1.70.
Gushers - Regular price $2.89. I paid $1.70.
Fruit snacks - Regular price $2.89. I paid $0.50.
Hormel Compleat meal - Regular price $2.69. I paid $0.44.
Wishbone salad dressing spritzers - Regular price $2.75. I paid nothing.
Weber seasonings - Regular price $2.49. I paid nothing.
Hungry Jack syrup - Regular price $3.99. I paid $1.75.
Garlic salt - Regular price $1.99. I paid nothing.
Uncle Ben's wild rice - Regular price $2.25. I paid nothing.
Cranberry Apple juice - Regular price $2.95. I paid $1.00.
Pillsbury Grands biscuits - Regular price $2.95. I paid $0.50.
Toaster strudels - Regular price $2.95. I paid $1.70.
Pillsbury Savorings - Regular price $4.49. I paid $0.75.
Red Baron pizza singles - Regular price $4.39. I paid $1.25.

I spent $13 and saved $43. Another great day!! I think I will try to go back at least one more time, as the store was out of a lot of things I would have gotten. If anyone else is going, I'd love to hear your savings!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Brianna got her 4-month shots today. So far, she's the picture of perfection.

Of course, it's only been like an hour. She did really well after her first set - no fever or anything - so I'm hoping that will be true this time as well. She weighs 12 lbs, 4 oz and is 23 1/2 inches long, which means she actually is a little bit longer than Claire! Although, Claire's next doctor's appointment isn't for a few more weeks, so I'll probably find out then that Claire has surpassed her! So funny! Anyway, the doc says she doing great. She was smiling at him until he started poking around in her ears, and then she really showed her true colors.

Wish us luck for tonight!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Triple Coupons

Thanks to a tip from Loretta that Harris Teeter was going to be doing triple coupons this week, I was ready to go at 9am this morning!! Otherwise I would have spent all day getting my coupons together. So without further ado, here is my list from this morning's trip:

Hefty easy-grip cups - Regular price $2.59. I paid nothing.
Betty Crocker's Warm Delights - Regular price $1.99. I paid $0.17.
Dial liquid soap - Regular price $1.99. I paid $0.74.
Lysol toilet bowl cleaner - Regular price $2.99. I paid $0.49.
Lysol bathroom cleaner - Regular price $3.49. I paid $0.24.
Huggies baby wipes - Regular price $3.29. I paid $0.25.
Viva paper towels - Regular price $2.49. I paid nothing.
Puffs kleenex (set of 3) - Regular price $5.37. I paid $2.25.
Bounty paper towels - Regular price $2.18. I paid $0.64.
Fantastik - Regular price $2.99. I paid $0.74.
Disposer Care - Regular price $3.49. I paid $0.09.
Dishwasher Magic - Regular price $4.49. I paid $0.59.
Washer Magic - Regular price $4.49. I paid $0.59.
Speed Stick deodorant - Regular price $3.99. I paid $0.75.
Toothbrush - Regular price $2.99. I paid $0.44.
Crest toothpaste - Regular price $3.99. I paid $0.25.
Scope (1 Liter) mouthwash - Regular price $4.99. I paid $1.74.
Crest (1 Liter) mouthwash - Regular price $6.29. I paid $1.74.
Bandaids - Regular price $2.55. I paid $1.00.

I spent $19 and saved $51. I was very excited about the great deals I got!! I probably didn't really need to get the Fantastik, bathroom cleaner, or toilet bowl cleaner, but heck, we'll need them eventually! Might as well pay less than a dollar for them, right??

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rolling Over

Brianna just rolled over for the first time. How depressing is it that she did it at work?

It was a total accident. In fact, I didn't even see it. Stephen called me to see if I wanted him to pick her up on his way home from work. I happened to glance down on the floor, where she was laying, to see that she was on her stomach. I had put her on her back. I was like, "Oh my gosh! Brianna just rolled over!!" But I knew it had to be an accident because I don't think she's strong enough to really do it. I'm sure she just gathered up her momentum and plopped over. After I got off the phone with him, I went into Kathee's office to tell her she had just rolled over. When we came back to Brianna, she was back on her back again! So I missed the roll-back-over maneuver too.

Anyway, now she's spent the last ten minutes gathering up her legs and "oof-ing" on her side. I think she's trying to figure out how she rolled the first time. Hopefully this means within a couple of weeks she'll really be doing it!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Stephen just called me. He had a test for his Master Sergeant stripe today... and passed!!! He had heard that about 90% of people fail it on their first attempt. Then he walked into the classroom and the proctor told him that she gives about 20 tests a week and about 4 people will pass. So the odds were definitely against him. He was worried because he didn't really study since we had Bible school all last week. I am so proud of him!! He can't get the rank until next August or September because he doesn't have enough time in yet. But as soon as he has the time, he's good to go!! He will be a 26-year old Master Sergeant. That is so good!

Anyway, I'm just so proud of him, so I had to post this. I'm at work with Bri on my lap and typing isn't that easy. At least now she can kind of sit up on her own, so I can type with both hands. She has been playing really good by herself for the past two hours, and took a 15 minute nap which helped somewhat. She's probably getting hungry now which means we'll both get a break!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Photo Update

This week has been incredibly crazy. Not only have I had to take Brianna to work with me every day for several hours, we have also had Vacation Bible School at church from 6:30 to 9:00 every night. Thank goodness for babysitters! Monday and Tuesday night mom and dad were able to keep Brianna, and Wednesday and Thursday Lauren was able to keep her. It was such a relief to not have to worry about her and VBS. This year, like last year, I am leading music. Stephen is doing the sound system, so it's cool that we are able to be in there together. This year, for the first time we had a class for the teens instead of having them help out. We have had around 35 teens the past few nights, which is amazing. 14 have gotten saved, which is absolutely awesome.

I will probably write more about it all later. Right now I'm nursing, and typing with one hand is disturbingly slow. So here are some pictures for your enjoyment, of Brianna and Claire!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

She Won't Stop Gossiping

I know several of you have seen this already on Facebook, and for the redundancy, I apologize. My purpose was actually to post a longer one here on the blog, but after leaving my blog up overnight, it still didn't appear on the blog! So this is all you get for now.