Monday, December 23, 2013

March 2013 Pictures

Prepare to be overloaded with pictures... gotta get these off my camera in time for Christmas!

 Hunter's first haircut:

Celebrating Dad's 60th birthday with a Rainbow Poke Cake!

Play date with Diana & kids... this is how the boys roll!

4 out of 5 kids in one picture - not bad!

Playing Three Little Pigs!

Play date with Barbee & kids

A few pictures from our church's Easter drama:

New slippers:

Showing off how big her mouth is:

Celebrating Mom's liver transplant anniversary!

Brianna made a porch out of blocks, and this is where "Kitty Cat" sleeps. The small blocks were representative of the window of the porch:


 Easter Sunday:

 Easter continues at Grandpa Talbert's:

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