Monday, November 30, 2015

A Lost God in a Lost World (Review)

This review is for the book "A Lost God in a Lost World" by Melvin Tinker. In this book, Tinker addresses the reality that in this modern age, we have reduced God into a little box in our minds. We have taken away some of the grandiosity that is God. In trying to understand his ways (which is impossible), we put him in this human box. We try to bend his will to meet our own desires.

First, Tinker addresses idolatry, and how we tend to replace God with idols. Then he addresses the grandeur of God and how we are supposed to see him. He discusses why the cross was necessary, he explains the Holy Spirit as it is found in scripture, he asserts that we must proclaim the gospel, and then he ends the book by discussing the grace of God (and many viewpoints on that grace), the second coming, and how to be heavenly minded.

I loved this book. Tinker speaks in a way that it was easy to understand where he was coming from. I enjoyed the other authors and people he referenced throughout the book. He even referenced those with whom he disagreed, so that he could relay his scriptural findings and why he didn't agree with certain quotes or people. I think it is so true that our world is lost, and we have lost God in our hustle and bustle. We (as a society) rely on ourselves, or else we lean too heavily on society to take care of us, or we try to conform God to what we want at that exact moment. Tinker relates scripture in this book that is laid right out and cannot be ignored. This one is going on my bookshelf.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

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