Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

Today was not a typical Wednesday. On a typical Wednesday, the kids and I go to work at Sandhills PCA until lunchtime, then we rush home to eat lunch, have a one-hour rest time (more for myself than the kids, I think), do our school day, and then play a little before we go to evening service at our church.

Today was a bit different. We still went to our job at PCA, but Brianna did her school work in the car because we had a fun afternoon planned. After babysitting a dozen kids during Bible study, we were off to spend the afternoon at Grandma and Grandpa's house! Hunter woke up really early this morning so I picked out a recipe for him to cook for dessert. They were supposed to be chocolate chip cookie bars, and had only four ingredients - butter, brown sugar, flour and chocolate chips. Only they didn't look like any cookie bars I'd ever made, so I just kept on cooking them until I thought they must be done. They ended up a little crunchy. But they still tasted good, and Grandpa even had seconds! Anyway, after lunch I went to run errands and the kids spent the afternoon playing games, reading, being introduced to Shirley Temple, and eating lots of good snacks. They love their one afternoon a week at Grandma and Grandpa's! My parents also got me an incredibly beautiful bouquet of flowers to celebrate my recent Spartan Race. Mom got them because of the sunflowers in them. They are so beautiful and I never have fresh flowers in my house, so I was thrilled! They are adorning my countertops as we speak and it makes me think I should pick fresh flowers later this spring, or at least get some from the farmers market.

When we got home we didn't have to rush off to church. Instead, we decided to "live stream" it which is a new thing our church has started doing. We cooked some pizzas and sat down to watch the revival meeting that is going on this week. I have to say, although there is nothing better than sitting in church with some of your best friends and family, LiveStream is so much easier for nights like tonight! The kids became disinterested in the sermon rather quickly so they went upstairs to play while Stephen and I finished watching the sermon.

After it was over the kids asked if they could watch an Andy Griffith episode, which is our typical TV show we watch on Wednesday nights and Sunday nights after church. Stephen explained to them that I have implemented a new rule, which is no TV after 8:00 (I have always wanted this rule implemented but he has never been in favor of it, so this is a victory for me!), to which Brianna immediately burst into tears and yelled, "Worst rule EVER!" I'm so thankful she was stomping up the stairs so she couldn't see Stephen and I look at each other and start laughing! Although then she tacked on, "It's even WORSE than the rule Mom made about my stuffed animals!" which is: if she obtains a new stuffed animal she must get rid of one old one.

So apparently we rock at making rules.

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