Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Journey to Heal (Review)

This review is for the book "Journey to Heal" by Crystal M. Sutherland. Sutherland is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, yet she talks about her experience in a way that should not be a trigger for other survivors.

This book is focused on seven steps of recovery, and each step has scripture woven in with it. For example, chapter three is called "There's No More Disgrace For You" and focuses on shame. Sutherland assures readers that God has a plan for us (Jeremiah 29:11) and that we are made in his image (Genesis 1:27) and also that he does not blame the victim of situations such as this. Readers are encouraged to have a Truth Journal where they can journal the truths that they learn about themselves and the situation throughout this journey. She has a section after each chapter that goes a bit more in depth - a short prayer, some extra scripture to read, documenting certain things and what to develop from this stage of the journey.

This book is such a gift and an amazing resource for those survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I can definitely see this book giving hope to those who feel depressed, alone, and helpless. What an awesome book to read with a survivors group or friend who knows your story and will hold you accountable.

Thank you to Litfuse Publicity for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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