Friday, August 19, 2016

The Loyal Heart (Review)

This review is for the book "The Loyal Heart" by Shelley Shepard Gray. She is one of my favorite authors so I was looking forward to reading this book. This is the first book in her new series Lone Star Hero. This one is labeled "A Lone Star Hero's Love Story". In this book, Robert Truax promises his Confederate comrade that if anything happens to him, Robert will look after his wife. Unfortunately, Robert has to cash in on his promise.

He arrives in town to check on Phillip's widow, Miranda, and finds that she is in a lot of trouble. She is being shunned by the town and receiving threatening letters due to an untrue rumor going around about her late husband. Robert is determined to protect Miranda and make things right. In fact, he gets several officers involved that also knew Phillip to come to town to assist Miranda!

I loved this story. It has a lot of action and suspicion throughout the book - readers will wonder who exactly can be trusted - but there is romance and gentleness throughout the book as well. I loved the characters. I loved the men throwing around their weight in order to protect this woman who was extremely frail due to her loss of husband and loss of reputation.

I enjoyed this story a lot. I look forward to reading more in the series.

Thank you to Litfuse Publicity for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

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