Thursday, September 22, 2016

Nestle Splash (Review)

I recently got some fun stuff to review from Influenster. I received a box that included a bottle of lemon-flavored Nestle Splash water, a straw, some cool yellow sunshades, and a nifty beach ball! I felt ready for summer even though the weather was starting to cool off some!

I immediately donned my sunglasses, stuck my straw into my Nestle Splash, and started to enjoy. I did share the drink with my kids because they love trying new drinks. I am trying to drink more water throughout the day, and I always have to flavor my water to make it more bearable! I loved the chance to try a water that already had flavor included. I will say, honestly, that lemon wasn't my favorite flavor. It was a bit too much flavor for me. But I can't wait to try one of the other flavors next! I typically enjoy berry-flavored drinks, so that will be next on my list. But definitely, this helped me guzzle my bottle of water much faster than if it were just plain water!

Like I said, I did receive this product at a discount for my honest review, but this is my honest opinion of the drink.

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