Sunday, October 9, 2011

Look Out

Alright, look out, because not only have I not been blogging updates, that means I haven't been putting up pictures and videos of my cutie patootie family. So within the next couple of weeks there may be an overload here. I apologize in advance.

This slide was a great investment last year, both kids still love it!

Baby sits up by herself, kind of freaky.

Our VBS this year was NYC themed. We had a cab that "crashed" through one of our walls. This picture may be too dark to tell but it looked really cool!

This must be what I look like when I feed Hunter.

Before Daddy left for deployment:

Hunter loves sweet potato fries! And with good reason!

Bri was outside with Stephen. Hunter spotted her and wanted to communicate via tapping on the windows.

Loving on one of his birthday toys!

I started bathing them together a couple of months ago. They love it and it's less work for me!

I promise you, he eats at the table as well.

Teaching Hunter to follow in Bri's footsteps and help around the house:

Seriously. We do feed him.

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