Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Festival 2011

Saturday was our Fall Festival at church. A little more low-key this year than other years, but we still enjoyed it. Hunter was a pumpkin (hand-me-down costume from Bri). We took Brianna costume shopping on Thursday to let her pick out what she wanted to be. The first thing she picked out? A garden gnome. Although I consider myself to be a pretty liberal, easygoing mom, I gently urged her to find something a bit more feminine. Her next pick was a male police officer uniform. I could tell we weren't going to get anywhere fast. But then. She saw it. In the back. Behind some other costumes.

Snow White!!

She loves Snow White the book and knew immediately who she was when she saw this costume. She was so excited so we grabbed the last one off the shelf (just happened to be in her size, thank goodness!) and took it home.

Hunter the pumpkin:

Snow White:

Oma got Hunter some new kicks and we were going to test them out tonight. Unfortunately they were too bulky for him but we'll try again soon!

Brianna's first time in a bouncy house (and Hunter's but I didn't get pictures of him):

Bri's first time getting her face/body painted!

Bri playing with the most precious baby ever, Heaven!

LinkWe had a great time!!

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