Friday, January 6, 2012

Worley's Cave 2011

I started this post back in August 2011 and never got past the uploading of pictures.

I went on a caving/whitewater rafting trip over the summer while Stephen was gone. My parents and his mom graciously watched the kids so I could go on this expedition with the youth group at church. The past two summers I had been pregnant and missed out on rafting and Carowinds.

We went through these caves not really knowing what to expect. Little did we know we would be doing this:

("Devil's Staircase")

and this:

and this:

Or this: (walking about a mile in 40-degree water up to our hips!)

And I didn't know I'd come home with these:

This is the cave we explored. The picture of the bruises doesn't show the extent of my battle wounds. I have tons of pictures but none turned out very well. My mother-in-law was quite taken aback when she saw my battered body!

I wish I knew the statistics for this cave. We had to crawl on our stomachs for a while, with our heads turned because if you kept your head straight you would get stuck with your helmet. We were in there for about four hours. We went through holes that I absolutely did not believe I would fit through.

That picture kind of shows how crazy we got. Our clothes were basically ruined (my jeans and sweatshirt are still discolored even though I've washed them several times!) but MAN did we have fun. It certainly made me feel like I accomplished something. I did stuff in the cave I never thought I could do.

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