Tuesday, September 18, 2012

August Week 1 Pictures

Playing at Kaleb's house:

Saying goodbye to Precious as we leave Grandpa Steve's house:

Brianna's outfits are so insanely cute. She's either 100% matched or 100% mismatched. This was one morning right before church. Green dress? Check. Red/pink dress worn as a jacket? Check. Blue/purple socks? Check. Pink Twinkletoes shoes? Check. Outfit complete.

First watermelon of the season for us! (That we cut ourselves, anyway!)

Grandpa pulling Bri in the wagon on an adventure somewhere!

Why is Hunter laying down on the job? Could be those size 8 1/2 Converse he's wearing!

Don't let the grumpy look fool you, she was so happy about having Minnie ride her shoulders! (And I was at a stop when I took this picture, don't worry!)

Hunter at Classy Paci - under the rug - saying, "Night night!!"

But also saying, "Cheese!!"

Brianna poses for the camera, not knowing that Hunter is striking her exact pose right behind her!

Fun with the camera:

Too much work:

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