Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Higher Grounds Ministries

Back in September, our Impact Ministries team at church combined efforts with another local ministry, Higher Grounds, and came together for two nights for a big youth rally hosted at our church. Our pastor Chad Nall spoke on Friday night, and Scott McInnis from Red Branch Baptist spoke on Saturday night. It was AWESOME!

 Got my "Staff" shirt from Higher Grounds - loving it!

Our pastor and his wife, hard at work as usual!

Dark shot of me and Stephen - a rare couples picture!

 Some of our beautiful youth members from church!

 Prescilla and Hannah... I gave Prescilla my camera and she ran with it!!

 Prescilla and Morgan

 Prescilla and Glennette

Prescilla and Joni

 Prescilla and Rebecca


 These next pictures were taken by my friend Jackie at church (I stole them from Facebook!!)

Stephen and Chrissy

 Allie, Meagan and Jesse at registration

 Michelle, Prescilla and myself


Jim and Jackie, the brains behind Higher Grounds

 Tommy and Hunter - not sure who is entertaining who!

 Pastor Chad and Stephen

 Donnie Gillis, pastor at Fairview, and Jim Babb

Absolutely amazing time - I have a skit from one night that I want to post on here soon, I just have to have the extra time! Thank you to all volunteers and the hard work everyone has put in to these youth nights.

October 27, this Saturday, is the next one. My awesome hubby is actually speaking at this one and I hear him speak quite frequently at church - he's good. :)  I also had the opportunity to work very closely with our pastor to pick out the worship music so I am really excited about that. Can't wait for this event! Spread the word!

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