Friday, May 3, 2013

Darkness Before Dawn Review

I recently finished reviewing Ace Collins' most recent book, Darkness Before Dawn. I definitely wanted to read this book because I love Christian suspense fiction. The story is about a young wife whose husband is killed unexpectedly by a drunk driver. The same day this happens, she finds out she is pregnant. The book is her story of the revenge she wants on the young teen who was driving the night that her husband died. It's her story of revenge, and also the story of how far over the edge she went before finding her way back to her faith and reality.

For me, this book was very dark. I kept trying to imagine how this wife was feeling... how I would feel in that situation. I just could not imagine myself going to the extremes she went to in order to complete revenge on this young 17-year old who killed her husband. I can't imagine myself ever feeling such hatred for another human being. To me, that was too intense. I enjoy suspenseful books but at times I just really didn't even care for this character. Her attitude and the way she hurt others around here was just too much for me. There was one character, Nancy, who I really "clicked" with while reading, and I especially enjoyed the sections of the book involving her.

Yes, there is a happy ending. Everything gets resolved and lessons are learned all around. I'd be interested to read some other books by this author because I felt like the book was a good read, just a little dark for me right now.

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