Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Forever Friday Review

I recently read a book called "Forever Friday" by Timothy Lewis. This is a sweet love story that isn't too sappy or cheesy, which I appreciate. The book itself is well-written and will keep your attention easily.

I actually thought the premise of the book was pretty far-fetched... until I found out that the author based it off the true story of his great-aunt and uncle! The premise of the book is that these two people meet and fall in love, they are married within a week (after she breaks her engagement to another fellow) and every Friday for 60ish years, the husband sends his wife a romantic postcard declaring his love for her.

At first I didn't like how the time frame changes frequently. You see Gabe and Huck in the 1920's, then you're thrown to the present, then you're taken back just a couple of years, and then the cycle goes around again. At first it kept me on my toes trying to keep the timeline straight. But I got used to it after a while and just enjoyed the story.

If you like romance novels with a bit of suspense and humor you will definitely enjoy this one by Timothy Lewis.

Thank you to Waterbrook Multonah for giving me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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