Thursday, May 19, 2016

Owlegories Volume 2 (Review)

This review is for the DVD "Owlegories Volume 2" from Fishflix. Fishlix has a ton of great Christian DVDs, books, and apparel. Check them out here.

This particular video is for kids. I had never heard of the Owlegories series, but I am so excited about this new find! I would venture to say that most kids watch some TV every week, and most of those kids enjoy cartoons and talking animals. Why not find something educational and with good morals to fill in that TV time? This DVD has three different episodes focusing on nature - one about ants, one about fruits and one about butterflies. In each episode, the owl kids are investigating these specific things to find how they line up with scripture. For example, the ants are hard workers, and the fruits bring up a discussion about the fruits of the spirit. There is a bad guy who is always trying to trip them up, but he is not scary, and he often gets into silly situations while he is trying to trick the kids. Throughout the adventure the kids discuss scripture and attributes of God. At the end of each episode a real adult comes onto the show and discusses what was talked about throughout the show.

The episodes are short and just right for the short attention span that most kids have. My kids are five and seven years old and they absolutely loved this entire DVD. I loved it because it was cute, funny, educational, and most importantly - NOT ANNOYING! I definitely recommend these to parents of young children.

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Thanks to for providing a sample DVD in exchange for an honest review.  At you can find Owlegories Volume 2 - DVD and hundreds of other Christian Movies at great prices.

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