Thursday, October 6, 2016

Punderdome (Review)

I recently was able to check out this really cool game called Punderdome. I love card games, I love board games, I love games that make you think, and I love family games. This one game has ALL of those things! Apparently it is based on a live game show, but I have never heard of the game show before. This game is for three or more players who are age 12 and up. You grab two prompts and then race to make bad puns that connect those two prompts. There is a judge who will decide which one is the best (worst?) pun to win the round. I guarantee this game will bring loads of laughs to your next family game night!! I received this game free of charge from Penguin Random House LLC.

1 comment:

Ken Loyd said...

This sounds like a game I'd really like to try. Now if we can just find three MATURE folks age 12 or up who will devote the serious demeanor this game requires.