Saturday, September 15, 2007

100 stream-of-consciousness things about me

1. I am absolutely starving.
2. I have gotten hungrier since Nate got here with the hamburger buns.
3. We can't start the grill until the rest of the people get here over an hour from now.
4. The logical thing to do would be have a snack.
5. I ate more breakfast than usual this morning because of Emma and Jessie being here and I wanted to be a good example for them.
6. They ate until they "couldn't put another bite in their mouth", as Jessie put it.
7. I never realized Stephen's talents will actually come in handy when we have kids, like talking like a pirate, or whistling when he says "S"
8. Although they were pretty impressed with my accent which they call my "Mary Poppins accent"
9. I can't keep my mind off of my stomach growling.
10. Although I can hardly hear it over the guffaws coming from Nate and Stephen as they blow people up in their video game.
11. I really really love this new song by Finger Eleven called "Paralyzed"
12. The version I have is really tenor-y with not enough bass so it's kind of crackly.
13. The newest songs on my Ipod are from one of my youth group members who is trying to turn me on to country.
14. I don't want to hurt his feelings, but it ain't workin'.
15. My favorite country CD is one that is actually labeled as Southern that was mixed by Jenn.
16. Stephen refused to accept that no one up north has sweet tea and without fail, asked everyone if, by chance, they had it.
17. He got a lot of replies like this: "Well, we have artificial sweeteners on the table..."
18. So that's supposed to make up for it??
19. We saw a billboard that proclaimed McDonald's NOW HAS SWEET TEA.
20. We almost ran to the nearest McDonald's but decided against it.
21. I wondered aloud if sweet tea would now overtake the nation.
22. Also, is there anywhere around here that we can get butter pretzels?
23. ALSO, have you tried the new Pringles Stix that are honey wheat??
24. They taste like yeast rolls from Golden Corral. Hubba hubba.
25. Was hubba hubba an extra thought? Nah.
26. I had to play Tooth Fairy last name because Emma lost her molar while she was at our house.
27. I was uber excited, even after I found out she gets $2, that's right, $2!!! for a molar with a "silver star" in it, which means a cavity has been filled.
28. Say what!?!?
29. In my day, you got a quarter, and you were dang lucky to get that quarter.
30. Molar, incisor, last tooth ever lost... quarter.
31. I'm probably going to give my kid a quarter - what they heck are they gonna do with all that money anyway?
32. If they buy something, it's my money that they're buying it with anyway!
33. Also, I almost had to pay her in quarters because I didn't have any cash.
34. I am totally addicted to DDR.
35. In college, Mary and I would put DDR on workout mode, and during breaks we'd drink beer and eat ice cream, in order to balance everything out.
36. And when Keely and I would run, we would finish off our runs with a pint each of Ben and Jerry's.
37. I'm sensing a pattern.
38. Now I just go ahead and eat the ice cream, and knock that whole pesky exercise thing out of the picture.
39. Sometimes I think I'd be happier if I was Garfield.
40. I hope the Fayetteville Observer comes tomorrow with coupons.
41. They're the only newspaper that will deliver out here.
42. But we just got a new Family Dollar built here - woot!
43. Movin' on up... we got a new Mexican place too!
44. Although we only eat out about once a month or less, so a fat lotta good it does us.
45. Britt Nicole is like religious music's Lily Allen.
46. I really miss Charleston for the simple fact that there was someone cool coming for a concert every week.
47. If no one was coming in concert, a hockey game was being played, or a monster truck rally, or SOMETHING.
48. I hate having to drive to Raleigh or Greensboro to hear someone play that I really like.
49. Now that we are heading up the youth group, we really have an excuse to go to more concerts.
50. Our last concert was last April - we took mom and dad for her birthday to see Third Day and David Crowder Band.
51. Mom jumped around more than most kids there!
52. Our next concert is Casting Crowns in November and then David Crowder in November.
53. Not hearing shouting from downstairs makes me worried that Nate and Stephen will interrupt me at any minute and I won't be able to finish this blog.
54. I can't do this at work because my thoughts are all - "AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!"
55. I found Jennifer C.'s baby shower present today.
56. Her shower was last Sunday.
57. It was in my suitcase.
58. Not unpacked from Pennsylvania.
59. Which we got back from 10 days ago.
60. Luckily I had gotten her other stuff, and mom had showered her (literally) with clothes, so she's not needy or anything.
61. Actually, I'll probably give her the book but keep the clothes.
62. I can't shut my hope chest anymore because of all the baby clothes.
63. If we can't have children, Jenn Kirby's babies will be VERY fashionable.
64. Also they will have lots of books, toys, coloring books, and an artwork holder that says "Dylan" on it.
65. I'm not changing my son's name just to match his used artwork holder.
66. Our doorbell just rang so that means more people are showing up.
67. If I'm really quiet, no one will come looking for me.
68. If it's Aaron, he'll want to play the game with Stephen and Nate anyway, so he won't even think to look for me.
69. If it's Steve, he'll think I want to be included, and he'll come talk to me.
70. Nice gesture, but I think I'll be overloaded with testosterone tonight.
71. I can't wait for the UFC at the end of this month because of all the girls who will be there.
72. Even if they don't like it, they come to be sociable and I'm so happy about that!
73. Plus we always have really good food.
74. I got a free Glamour in the mail today because Jane magazine went out of business.
75. I actually hate Jane magazine and had tried to unsubscribe for 2 years now with no luck.
76. Now I've successfully unsubscribed - great timing.
77. So I've got a free Glamour and a check for a $2 refund.
78. Although $2 would get me a ton of books in the 10 cent section at the Habitat store!
79. But then I'd have a ton of trashy romance novels...
80. And everyone knows I only read the wholesome Christian romance novels.
81. That skirt around several issues, but I love them anyway.
82. One of our kids put a dead cricket on the prayer list last Wednesday night.
83. What do you say to that, exactly?
84. Our other adult, Maria, said, "I think it's a little late for that..."
85. It's interesting to see what things are funny to them and wonder if I would have laughed at that 10 years ago.
86. I don't think so.
87. I'm feeling a lot of pressure now that I'm so close to the end of this.
88. Soon I've got to go face all these guys.
89. Luckily, once the fight is on, no one will pay attention to each other.
90. Does this mean we can start the grill now?
91. I just got word that the grill has been started.
92. I have arm weights up here that I've only used one time.
93. I quit using them because my arms didn't get stronger after one use.
94. Same goes for my Abs of Steel video.
95. We have a "Bat Cave" here that leads to our attic.
96. Very attractive to little kids.
97. I saw a baby bat one time that had flown into a garage by accident.
98. Literally. He was lying there wounded.
99. A nice lady picked him up with a stick and set him on a bush to heal.
100. Uh.. I think that's a good note to end on. It can only go downhill from here on.


Anonymous said...

I agree that 2 bucks for a tooth gone bad is inappropriate. It's an incentive for capitalistic little kids to eat candy, sugar, and junk food to get more silver stars and double their profits. Just the opposite of what we want! Hmmm... the logic is suspect.

jennifer said...

I'm so glad you did this! You should make it a monthly occurrence. I love it! Great ending, too.