Thursday, September 13, 2007

"It's been 7 hours and 15 days..."

Name that song! If you said "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinead O'Connor, you get a treat!

I know it's been 3000 years since I updated this. Again, I was waiting to post pictures, but it seems that day will never come. So I'll quickly update on Pennsylvania and then we'll all move on with our lives.

Friday, August 31 we left for PA. We arrived that afternoon in lovely Mount Joy at our large and in charge inn. That night we got up with our old friend Rosie and went to Bottling Works with him.

Saturday we went early to the Indian Echo Caverns. We seem to go to caverns everywhere we go. These were not the best ever, but the company was great! We then flitted off to Bird-In-Hand and Intercourse, right smack in the middle of Amish country. We saw a movie in a barn-like theater about the Amish, toured an Amish house, munched on Amish soft pretzels, and went shopping in a great store at the Plain and Fancy Farm. Then we went and played putt-putt (because that's why we go on vacation - to do things we can do around here) and then we traveled on to the Kitchen Kettle Village. This place has over 40 stores in a little town of its own. Jams, jellies, relishes, sauces, desserts, Kettle corn, ice cream, pretzels, you name it. We bought several things from here - the best being the braided butter pretzels. Yum! Unfortunately, you cannot buy these online. Poo.

Sunday we left early and headed out to Hershey! We went straight to the factory and toured it, getting free candy after the tour! So what if it was 9:30 in the morning? We devoured our free Kissables. Then we did our non-perishables shopping so we could put the stuff in the car. After that, we saw a 4-D movie all about chocolate, and then devoured our free candy from that. Then we went on this awesome bus tour around the whole town. The tour guides sang and were absolutely hilarious. We devoured our free Reese's and Kisses and moved on. There we did our food shopping. I am completely ashamed of just how much we spent on chocolate. Dark chocolate, chocolate caramels, truffle kisses, caramel kisses, caramel Reese's, 65% Cacao Reserve chocolate, the list goes on and on and on. We raced over to Fuddrucker's for lunch because we saw it on our map. We loooooooove Fuddrucker's. And because we hadn't had enough candy that morning, we got combos so we could get fresh cookies for free from the bakery! We are gluttons for punishment. Or.. just gluttons. Then we stopped on the way home - yes, to play putt putt yet again. We're sorry.

That night Rosie came over again and we went to a mystery dinner theater which was AWESOME!! We sat with the funniest couple, and the meal was absolutely delicious. It was extremely interactive which was so cool.

Monday we spent the day in Gettysburg. We did a lot of the touristy stuff (although, what else can you do there?) Luckily, Megan had given us tips on what to do. We walked through the National Cemetery which was so peaceful but really sad. We did the tour of the Hall of Presidents which I thought was really cool and informative. Then we toured the Soldier's National Museum which was just a lot of models of battlefields with audio voiceovers, but it was semi-interesting. And the most boring of all - the Battle Theater. We also did a 2 hour - that's right, 2 HOUR - tour of Gettysburg with a licensed Tour Guide, which Meg insisted on. She was right. He was so fun and knew absolutely everything about the history, and actually kept me somewhat interested. Then we went back to Mount Joy to tour the Nissley Vineyards and have a wine tasting. They had such great flavors we ended up buying 4 bottles of different wines. Although it takes us years to get through one bottle of wine, so for now I'm thinking they just look good in our wine holder in the kitchen, which is usually lonely and empty.

I bought one bottle who the girl told me I had to sample it last because it's a dessert wine. I ended up buying a bottle, not only because I liked it, but because at my house you can drink dessert wine whenever the heck you want! With dessert, my big toe. I'll have it with breakfast if I please.

Then we drove to Middletown where we ate with Rosie and his roommate Trevor. Rosie cooked Stromboli and it was heavenly. Then we went back to the inn and watched a movie. Over the weekend we were able to watch The Changeling and Bourne Supremacy. Good times!!

The next morning we got up early and had breakfast with everyone else. Then we were outta there! We had things to do and people to see! Namely, KEELY! We were in D.C. by lunchtime and fondling Keely within minutes! We went to 5 Guys which is only the best hamburger joint EVER (except for Fuddrucker's of course) and got to see her office, and watched her work a little as well. It was SO GREAT to see her.

Thus concluded our journey to Pennsylvania. We were home by 6 pm, in bed a couple of hours later and back at work a few hours after that. Ahhh to be back in PA.


Anonymous said...

I loved reading about your trip. It was hilarious, too. I could tell what a good mood you were in as you wrote it because of all the snappy comments. Was that because you were at WORK?
Love and Kisses (Hershey's and otherwise),

jennifer said...

"... since you took your love away ..."

I think I still know every word of that song. Talk about wasted brain space.

Anyway, welcome back to the land of the blogging! I love this post. You are so funny. Thank you for the Kisses! When can we share a glass of dessert wine?