Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dijon vu - the same mustard as before.

This weekend was so much fun!! Friday we had a UFC party and everyone actually got to come - yay! Usually I prefer watching the fights over the social aspect but this night the company was fun and the fights were not as good as usual, so it balanced out.

Saturday morning Stephen and I went to Pittsboro with mom and dad to the big book sale at the Kiwanis Club. Yes, we drove an hour to buy bags of books for $5 a bag. Stephen and I got two bags, which was only 10 bucks, and we smushed about 40 or 50 books in there. Awesome!! I got a new Stephen King hardcover that I didn't even know about, and a TON of unedited books that aren't made public. I also got a few autographed books which is worthless but still pretty cool. We then went to two more thrift shops where we got (what else?) more books and CDs. We are addicted, I admit it. Then we ate a great lunch at this remodeled General Store. Yum!

Saturday night we took our youth group to Grace for their outreach party. It was absolutely one of the most fun things we've done in a long time. We started off by doing the American Gladiator thing - knocking each other off of pedestals with big Q-tip things. Then we climbed the rock wall. I was proud of my kids for kicking butt because they love rock climbing! One of our kids who is scared of heights even made it all the way to the top! Then we did Sumo Wrestling, where you actually get in those huge padded suits and bounce off of each other. I fought Stephen and lost 2-1. Boo. But I definitely held my own! Then we rode the mechanical bull, which I did for only 8 seconds but it felt like forever. Then we did the Ironman Competition which one of my kids unwittingly challenged me to. I KILLED him, and after we finished, I went over to congratulate me, and the first thing he said was, "I cheated twice and you STILL won!" Haha. We played games from 5-7 and then went inside for worship until about 9. It was such a great night. About 60 kids got saved which is really awesome. I'm so glad our youth group went. It's the exact thing I imagined when we took over the youth group.

Stephen's gone for now. I was fine all day yesterday because I had lunch with him and then didn't get home from work until after 6. Then, of course, I had to walk Cassie and play with her some. On that note, it IS okay that I walk her mainly for the benefit of eating muscadine grapes that we found on a grapevine the other day.. right? Sure. She starts sniffing them out about 100 yards away. It's so cute! She's looking out for her mommy. Anyway, then I ate dinner, watched a movie, and just chilled. It didn't hit me that I was alone until I got into bed and his half of the bed was made up. Too weird. I actually don't mind any of it like I thought I would. I guess I'm just too busy, and we don't see each other that much anyway. Now let's see if I can handle the youth group alone tomorrow night...

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