Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My dog is a delinquent.

It is so pathetic that my dog causes so much drama in my life. I got home last night, came inside, changed my clothes, and walked back out. Before I even got out, our motion light went off in the garage. Then I heard all this rummaging around. My first thought was that someone was in our garage, so of course I walked over to where the noise was. But no, it was my precious little Cassie! Precious little Cassie who is supposed to be anchored into the ground with no way to get off of her steel wire cable. Well, as it turns out, if you really want to get off of that steel cable, you can certainly chew your way through. That's right.

The offending cable, after the gruesome attack.

The punishment for such said attack. That's right, you get NO room to run around while I go to PetSmart, show them the murdered cable, and then find that you are too big even for a chain, and just buy the exact same type of cable you have just chewed through.

The retaliation for being tied up.

Still chewing.

Muahaha, you'll never chew through this new cable that's exactly like the one you are laying on that you just finished chewing through!

If my children are anything like my dog, I'm in big trouble.

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Dad said...

Hilarious! But I sympathize. You and Jennifer were never like that, but I have students like that every year. They can get out of cabinets, chew through duct tape... whatever!
Love, Dad