Friday, October 5, 2007

poor Cassie McNasty

We almost had a tragedy befall us last night!!

It was a dark, not stormy night. The time - 8:30 pm. I had just gotten home from a wild and crazy extravaganza called "Dinner Date with Granny and Granddaddy." It was the first time in over 13 hours I had been home, and I was berating myself for being a bad mother and leaving my dogther (dog/daughter) home alone for so long. I went out to feed her, and was almost to her place in the yard, when I realized I could hardly see because I didn't have the outside lights on. So I trudged back inside. I had to flip the light switch, and then follow the light, to see which ones were closest to where Cassie is. So I turned on one light and looked out to follow it. Sitting in the middle of our yard is something hot pink. As soon as I realized that it was my spray bottle (for spritzing Cassie when she gets sassy), I knew something was wrong, because that spray bottle sits on our front porch, which Cassie can't reach thanks to the chain she's anchored down on. I ran outside, only to screech to a halt when I saw that she was gone. The yard was completely empty except for her empty chain, and the spray bottle. Of course, I start freaking out - cause who knows how long she's been gone at this point? I called Stephen (not that he can do anything from 3 hours away) and I'm all crying and everything, mainly because I'm scared that that dumb dog may have run after a car for fun and ended up being creamed dog soup. Also because I thought she was dognapped. She is gorgeous, after all.

I called Jenn because I actually wanted to talk to her about the antique fair this weekend, but of course I had to become overly dramatic and we ended up just worrying about Cassie, and then Jenn made me very nervous about the potential dognapper. Anyway, I decided to drive through the neighborhood and talk to everyone standing around (there was a fire or something at our neighbor's house, so the whole neighborhood was outside with the fire. I thought maybe someone had seen Cassie or the alleged dognapper.

So I'm backing out of the garage, and I keep looking behind me, because I thought, "How awful would it be if I ran over her and then I worried and worried and ended up being the cause of her death??" Also, looking back, I have no clue where I'd take her if she was hurt. Anyone know where I'd go in that situation? And don't even tell me something like a dog ER cause you KNOW we don't have anything like that. Although I could take her to Henry's Gelato because I saw last night it's open now - someone wanna try it with me?

But I digress.

I'm still backing out of the garage, really slowly so that if I hit her it would just bump her, when I suddenly look out my window, and she's standing there. Just standing there, with this look on her face like, "You just got home! Where are you going now!?" Woooo! I ran over to her and didn't even scold her for jumping on me.

I won't tell the rest of the story cause it's boring. It goes something like this - water, food, playplayplay, thank God, make sure she's not hurt, call Jenn, check on Cassie, call Stephen, check on Cassie, make dinner, check on Cassie, you get the picture.

Mom just called and got me marked down blueberry muffins and scones from Harris Teeter! Score!! Mom rocks!!!

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