Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brianna's First Wedding

Brianna's first wedding occurred this past weekend! Steve and Kathy tied the knot on Saturday. I was terrified interested to see how Brianna would react to an overwhelming amount of people and having to sit still for 30 minutes in a row. It was good practice because my friend Meghann is getting married in April, our cousin Paul is getting married in June, and my friend Megan (not to be confused with Meghann) is getting married in July. So, the more practice, the better she will be!

She wore a dress to the wedding, which is the first time she has worn a dress in probably six months or so. It's just soooo much easier to leave her in pajamas... But after seeing how PRECIOUS she was, I put her in a dress for church the next day and then another dress on a MONDAY even though we weren't even going anywhere! Granted, the Monday dress was more of a skort than an actual dress, but still - SO CUTE!!

As you can see, the dress made her feel much more lady-like. Anyway, she was pretty good at the wedding I'd say. Stephen's family from Florida did a couple of songs at the beginning of the ceremony and she sat, staring at them, hypnotized. Totally silent. Of course as the focus turned to Kathy and Steve, and the church became silent.... she began babbling "da da da da da", standing up on the back of the pew and pointing at the couple behind us, crawling all over Mitch, and craning her neck to look at everyone sitting near us. She also kept reaching out to Steve but of course, he didn't see her - he was kind of paying attention to Kathy. Anyway, the ceremony was mercifully short - I was so scared that Brianna was going to scream at an inopportune time or something and then everyone would know forever because it would be on video for the rest of our lives. Actually, we haven't watched our video yet but from what I hear you can pick out Bri's voice on there. At least if that is true it's not crying or screaming. Could have been worse. She refused to smile for any pictures. I don't know why she refuses to smile when professional pictures are being taken. It makes me glad we never dressed her up and took her somewhere to have professional pictures done.

We saw a TON of family Friday and Saturday and it was so nice. We rarely see any of them. The last time we saw them was July, I believe. We'll see many of them again at Paul's wedding in June, so that'll be fun.

Meanwhile, Brianna is getting funnier and funnier. I have taken a couple of videos of her lately but they are pretty long for the general viewing public. She is learning lots of new sounds she can make with her mouth and it's pretty entertaining. She has been standing for a long time now but she's really getting brave now. It's funny to watch her sit down because she'll look down and she has this expression on her face like, "Whoa. That's a looong way down. Do I really want to do this?" Sometimes she'll just look at one of us and start crying. Usually I just scoot closer to her and put a hand lightly on her back and say, "It's okay, just sit down Bri. Just sit down!" And she'll wobble down to a sitting position. Of course then I clap loudly and say, "WHAT A GOOD GIRL! YOU'RE SO GOOD, BRI!" which probably scares her but I smile as big as possible to show her it's a good thing, and she should sit down on her own the next time.

She definitely understands certain things. When she's eating and she stands up (this happens quite often which is why I had to quit feeding her in her high chair) I set the food aside and say, "Sit down, Brianna." and she sits back down. Sometimes she whines but when I reward her with food it's all good. She knows "No!" and "BriANNA!" (that's a warning tone), and "UH-UH!" Usually when we say one of these three things she will look at us and her lower lip will jut out and start trembling. So after we say "No!" and she backs off of the entertainment center, before she can start crying, we say, "WHAT A GOOD GIRL! YOU'RE SO GOOD, BRI!" and she's over it pretty quickly. One day I was in the shower and she opened the bathroom door (I didn't shut it all the way - she's not THAT smart... or that tall) and as she was about to cross the threshold, I just said her name really loudly. She immediately turned and looked at the shower and just started bawling. Then she crawled right over to the shower - I guess she wanted me to comfort her or something. But then she saw one of her toys and it was very distracting. She will also come to me when I tell her to. And then yesterday she was climbing on me and I said, "Go play with your book!" (I was trying to videotape her talking to the book) and she climbed off of me and went straight to her book. I'm not sure how much she really understands but I know once they are this age they really are starting to understand phrases and words and such.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now! I'll try not to go so long without posting again in the future.

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