Monday, March 15, 2010


Laid back!

She gives me sloppy, open-mouth kisses :)

Tuckered out!

Emory, this is my toy, and don't you forget it!

Help me! They're starving me and I'm having to resort to eating candles!

Listening to a birthday voicemail from O'ma:

Hey, I recognize that voice!

O'ma, can you hear me? I know you're trapped in there and I'm sending help!

Excuse me, could you please not bother me while I'm trying to read?

One of her favorites - Noah's Ark. Could it be Aunt Gail's influence?

I had to climb all the way through this other toy to get to my table!

I am so funny!!

Oh man, what a riot!

What came out of Brianna's pant leg when I changed her diaper after Chick Fil-A with Jenn and Claire on Thursday... how in the world did all these get in here? I know, I know... she's saving them for an evening snack!


Gail said...

Of course, it is Aunt Gail's influence. She knows her Aunt Gail loves her.

Ken Loyd said...

Every one of these is priceless. My eyes play tricks on me-- I thought for a moment she had received a voice-mail from OBAMA. Probably about health care.

Now an Air Force Wife said...

She is getting so big! What a beautiful little lady! Its been awhile since I've read all the blogs I follow. She is too cute!

(Oh all the wives here love the coupons you send! Thanks so much for that!)