Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Every so often I get in the mood to do spring cleaning - even if it isn't technically spring yet. I feel like I am always going through the house getting rid of things, and yet somehow we still just have all this stuff! Yesterday I went thrift shopping for the first time in months and was easily able to pass over most of the stuff in the store.

So I'm trying to clean up/declutter/organize one small space at a time. A few days ago I did the laundry room. Today I tackled one of our laundry room closets. I tried to label this first picture but the writing was so small you couldn't see it on here. So let's just start from the top left:

Top shelf: Some toilet paper and kleenex. Trashbags and gifts for my Secret Sister. Puzzles and games.
Middle shelf: Paper towels. More Secret Sister gifts. More games and puzzles.
Lower level: Picnic basket, wine rack (hidden), craft bag (hidden), bag with miscellaneous items in it (hidden), plastic tub filled with gift bags and tissue paper, huge gift bag filled with more gift bags, massage pad (hidden), random mop, two vacuums, carpet cleaner and stain remover (not in full shot).

New and improved closet:

Top shelf: Toilet paper, kleenex, trash bags, carpet cleaners (out of Brianna's reach), gift bags in one gift bag, tissue paper folded and in a box.
Middle shelf: Paper towels, my Secret Sister gift for March, a box for things I need to mail or return to people.
Lower level: Picnic basket, massage pad, paper towels, plastic tub filled with gifts for Secret Sister, two vacuums, and my coupon bag.

Getting rid of:
  • over 40 gift bags
  • wine rack
  • some makeup bag
  • a random metal basket
Moved my craft bag to my craft closet (a whole other adventure in itself), moved the mop with other cleaning supplies, moved the puzzles and games upstairs to our game closet, and got rid of everything in the miscellaneous paper bag.

So if I did nothing else today, at least I accomplished this.

BUT, I had a great lunch today with Jenn and Claire at the Chick. Soooo good. Last night we had a great dinner at Thai Orchid with mom and dad, Jenn, Matt, Claire, and Granny and Granddaddy. We were celebrating mom's 3-year liver anniversary. It was delicious and the babies were so fun! Claire has the FUNNIEST tongue-smacking way of eating solids. Too funny!!! And Bri is quiet now as long as she has food constantly shoved down her throat, so we were good to go. It was so much fun and nice to get out!

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