Saturday, April 24, 2010

Picture Update

I have SO MUCH to blog about that happened today, but first I need to get some pictures off my camera. I also need time to blog, because so much happened. So here are the pictures - real blog is forthcoming.

This is one of her riding toys:

"Over there, dad!"

Here's her puffs cereal....

"I don't know how it happened!"

I can't leave her alone for one minute!

Gaming with daddy:

Her new beach toy from Grandma and Grandpa: (she would not take this off!)

Baby for sale! Good price! No negotiations.

Our first Easter: (and last with just three of us!)

Her pony from O'ma and O'pa (you see what she carries in the front bucket... a remote)

She loves to climb the stairs - so WATCH OUT!

Be back with a real post very soon!!