Saturday, June 5, 2010

Picture Update

I was taking a really cute video of Brianna today, and my camera just stopped. Memory full. Oops, my bad. I started uploading pictures and I had some on my camera from February, so that shows how far behind I am. I tried just to pick the best of the best to put on here.

She loves looking through anything colored:

Testing the waters of walking with assistance:

I wiped her out!

She makes sure she has a beverage when she's riding around on her pony:

She loves to play the piano:

Our idea of lounging poolside:

Background of this video: Jenn, Matt and Claire gave Brianna a drumset for her birthday that included a recorder. This video is not very good - I started taping and I was walking backwards at the same time to turn a light on, and then something happened with my camera and it stopped taping. I switched to the video camera and the end results on that was 20 minutes of her playing the recorder. This video is not nearly that long but it gives you the Reader's Digest version of that night:

Brianna loves to walk, she just hasn't grasped the concept of letting go and walking more than three steps at a time by herself. She has a small walker that she usually uses; for some reason this day she chose to walk around with her exersaucer instead. Much bulkier but really funny when she does this:

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Tracey Garner said...

She looks like she is a scuba diver with the blue lid...I love it!!