Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Goals

Having three blogs (this one, the frugal one, and the recipe one) has really come in handy. People who read my blog only to read about Brianna don't have to read my frugal tips, and recipes don't get lost in the jumble of my other posts. But it's also a hassle sometimes. Do I post my recipe for homemade baby wipes solution on my frugal blog or recipe blog? Do I post my creation of homemade spaghetti sauce on this blog (101 in 1001 list) or my recipe blog? Do I just do the same post on two separate blogs when this occurs? I haven't figured it out yet.

But I am starting to create goals for every month. For example, the goals for May were:
  • $100 grocery budget
  • make 6 new recipes
  • get 5 books read and out of the house
  • sell $5 worth of items on eBay
  • clean out our silverware drawer
  • make X amount of money for our savings account
Unfortunately, I busted our budget by $12.88. BUT, I met my goals of making 6 new recipes, getting 5 books read and out of the house, selling over $5 on eBay, and our silverware drawer is neat as a pin. I also made more money for our savings account than I had planned. Yay! Last night I created my new goals for June. I don't really remember what they are because I couldn't sleep so I created them sometime after midnight last night. But here they are, so I'm sticking with them!

  • $100 grocery challenge as usual
  • 6 new recipes
  • 5 books read and gone from the house
  • $10 worth of items sold on eBay
  • write 1 article (I haven't written an article in ages and I'd love to have the extra cash again!)
  • clean our my nightstand drawers (you should hear ominous music with this goal... those drawers are atrocious!)
  • make X amount of money to go towards our savings
I am pretty pumped! I love making goals and I love reaching them. I have started reading this blog called Frugal & Simple Living and I love this girl! She is so much like me, with the decluttering and goal setting and making toys for her son.... okay so I don't make toys. But I would if I had the knowledge! Anyway, that's why some of the goals are just to declutter (get five books gone, sell items of my own on eBay, etc.) because I feel like the simple life is just better! For me, anyway.

Brianna's waking up so I have to end this now. Does anyone else have goals for the month of June? I'd love to hear them!

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