Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Preparing for Vacation

In just a few days we're taking our first vacation with Brianna in 2010. We went to the beach with her in 2009, and while it wasn't a disaster, it wasn't the most fun trip ever. She was about four months old, compared to fourteen months this time.

2009: She slept on the queen bed next to us.
2010: If we tried to do that now she would leap off in about ten seconds. I guess we're going to attempt a Pack 'n' Play or a crib, whichever the hotel offers.

2009: We tried to go on the beach but it was windy and cold, so Brianna didn't want to be out for very long.
2009: She also wasn't a big fan of the water.
2010: We're going almost three months earlier so I know it won't be cold!!
2010: She loves playing in the water now, and has been practicing here at the house in her Scooby-Doo pool.

2009: She still fit in the Baby Bjorn so we carried her everywhere in that when our arms got tired.
2010: She weighs over twice as much and doesn't fit in the Bjorn, but can't walk yet. We're going with more people this time though, so between all of us, carrying her shouldn't be an issue! Plus we'll bring our stroller this time.

2009: I was still nursing her so packing for the beach wasn't an issue. Diapers? Check. An outfit or two? Check. Boobs? Check.
2010: Not only is she not nursing but it seems like she eats every 30 minutes. Now packing is going to be much more of a hassle. Diapers? Check. An outfit or two? Check. Bananas? Check. Milk? We'll buy that when we get there. Cheerios? Check. Applesauce? In progress. Carrots pureed and frozen? In progress. Mashed potatoes? In progress. You get my point. I have to make sure she has a variety of foods to last her four days or else she's going to end up eating bananas and Chef Boyardee products the last two days we're there.

We are leaving on Saturday so today and tomorrow are all about starting the food preparations for her. That way if I see on Friday I haven't made enough I can run out and buy some more stuff. At least we're getting our food co-op box today - that will mean more carrots, tomatoes, beets and squash for her, so that will help out some.


Tracey Garner said...

She sounds like me...I eat about every 30 minutes myself. LOL

Amanda said...

Oh yeah, I TOTALLY understand her passion for food... but it will be GREAT when she can feed herself!!

Brooke and Johnathan said...

It sure sounds like a hassel, but I can't WAIT to do things like this with my baby!

Amanda said...

Yeah, it is definitely somewhat stressful to me, but then in the end I always think... if I forget something, I will just buy it! No big deal!! :)