Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Party #1

Last night was our first Christmas party. We've usually had one or two by now but they got lost in the hustle and bustle of the season. We usually do a Christmas Eve party at Stephen's family's house but we changed it this year to the 23rd instead. That means we have tomorrow night off which is good because we have to go to bed early so Santa will come!!! I hope he remembers this year to come because he has forgotten in years past...

This has been such a busy week but it is winding down!! Poor Granny has been in the hospital having all kinds of tests run on her. She will get to come home for Christmas, thank God, but has to go back on Monday for more tests. It's almost like she gets out of jail on good behavior but is expected to turn herself back in after the holidays.

Wednesday we took our December Fed By Faith delivery to the two families. I think it is awesome (God is awesome!) that we were able to sponsor all those families for Christmas with the Angel Tree and still have enough donations of food to sponsor two families with that too.

I took the kids to mom and dad's simply because we hadn't seen them in a while - except long enough for me to drop the kids off and yell, "See ya, suckers!!" We got to hang out for a couple of hours, and even better - Evan, Claire and Jenn were there for a while too! Then we headed over to see all the Talberts. I'll have to take pictures of Brianna and Hunter with their new toys!! We ate some awesome food, had a great round of Chinese Christmas exchange (I came home with electronic Phase 10 and Stephen came home with $10 worth of candy!!), sang lots of carols, and exchanged presents. We had a really great time. Unfortunately, by 9:00 the kids were both worn out and Bri was just randomly saying, "Bye bye! Bye bye!" like "Hint, hint, mom!" So we left a little before I was ready but after we got home I realized I was pretty wiped out too.

I love Christmas!

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