Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas #2

I may not be able to upload pictures for the next week or so, so I wanted to get these on the blog as soon as possible!

Steve and Kathy gave Brianna a drawing pad! She has barely put it down since getting it yesterday!

Also, her very own laptop! This thing is so cool and does so many different things!

They got Hunter one of the Hess collectible trucks! Steve is wanting to get him one every year which would be really cool. This truck is a toy but we are probably going to treat it as a collectible for now, not a toy.

Stephen received some money as a gift and I received several bath products that smell incredible! I love gifts like that!!

Now for Christmas morning...

Santa only brought Brianna one gift this year, and we bought her something small to go with it. Her big toy?

A slide!!

Which was immediately put to use:

Caught mid-slide - you can't get any more candid than this!

Sitting up there contemplating life:

Opening her other present:

She got two scratch-and-sniff books from us. "Brianna" bought me Dance Workout for the Wii. "Hunter" bought me 3 60-minute massages from a local place! What great kids!!

Side note: Stephen and I do not do Christmas for each other. We haven't for years. But he snuck around and bought these gifts for me anyway. I felt so bad when I found out he did that I cried! But he said that everything I do every day is for him and the kids and he wanted to do this for me. Of course I don't feel like that is the case but it was so sweet of him to do this! I can't WAIT for those massages!!

Bri was so helpful while I was packing for Georgia:

Are we there yet??

Christmas party at the Kirby's! Of course they had to do Ring Around the Rosie:

Awesome wooden puzzle!!

New Sunday shoes!

The K.'s bought Bri her very own makeup case! If you know Bri at all, you know this is very necessary!!

In the following video, you will see Brianna in all her glory. You will see her be very sweet and cute. You will see her whine. You will see her question several things. You will see her two cups of water/juice she needs at all times. You will see the chapstick she puts on religiously. And you will see her cut her eyes at me at the end of the video!

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