Monday, November 15, 2010


Oh my gosh, there is no no no way that I missed blogging about the fact that I have a new nephew!! I absolutely thought that I had made the announcement but it seems I made it only on Facebook. I am doing a camera dump right now and hopefully some pictures of Evan are on there!! That just goes to show my mind is crazy. Edit: It's taken me over 24 hours now to do these few pictures. The next batch will surely have Evan pictures!!

These are Bri's favorite pants of Daddy's - Mountain Dew pants! She likes to wear them around the house as well!

When a toy breaks, you can call Brianna! She's very handy with a screwdriver.

Hunter's first Halloween:

Hunter had the Halloween spirit in his pumpkin booties!

Bri is ready for trick-or-treating... with a pail from my childhood!!

Claire the ladybug, meet Bri the pumpkin!

Granddaddy was content just holding Hunter:

The girls got goody bags from Granny! Filled with yummy stuff like apple slices and gingerbread, plus Halloween cookies from Grandma - these girls were racking up already!

There's always time to read a book with Grandma:

It's so funny to wear Daddy's clothes!!



This video is from being at the park with Lauren and Oma. I thought it was so cute!

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