Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Christmas Part Two

Alright, here is part two of our Christmas vacation to Georgia!

We had our annual Christmas party at my Grandpa Loyd's house. The kids were enthralled with everything this year - the knick-knacks, decorations, and pipe organ especially!

But we were able to drag them away to open presents!

Well, some of them.

Brian and Hunter make beautiful music together! (See what a multi-tasker Hunter is??)

Hunter is totally happy with Lindsey in this picture. Although I think he'd be happy with anyone as long as he has food, haha!

Now, on to our party back at Oma's house! This is actually for my birthday, so Brianna hands out the party hats to everyone!

When I saw her doing this, I was thrown back in time to just a few years ago...

when her Aunt Juju was doing almost the same thing!  Hahaha!

We had a BLAST! We love our Georgia families!!

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