Monday, February 6, 2012

A Day in the Life

I think it's safe to say that I'm not the only mother/wife (whether you work outside the home or not) who sometimes feels at the end of the day... "Where did all my time go!?"

I remembered that one time I did this before, snapping pictures every hour throughout the day. Funny - it was almost exactly one year ago. I have a strange way of doing things annually accidentally. If that makes any sense. Anyway, that day was also a Monday, so it's very similar to my day today.

I kept track of basically everything I did today, so although I felt like there were some things I didn't get done (or "fun" things I didn't get to do), looking back on how I spent my day, I feel pretty accomplished.

We started our morning at 6:30, but I wasn't in the mood to start snapping pictures and "journaling" then!! I made waffles for breakfast and we lounged around and played until 8:30 when we left to take Brianna to preschool.

Started dinner. Crockpot barbecue, one of our favorites! Also had to start cooking another batch of waffles. I usually cook about a dozen waffles every two weeks to keep our freezer supply up. The kids can normally eat 1 1/2 waffles each for breakfast, so we go through them pretty quickly!

At this point, the waffles are cooking. As I'm flipping them and pouring new batches, I am able to change out the towels in the house (one of my weekly chores), wash the breakfast dishes, start the dishwasher, and start one load of laundry.

Waffles are still cooking, so I take this opportunity to change the sheets on all the beds in the house - another weekly chore I can cross off my list!

By the time I finish that the waffles are done. Thank goodness for blueberry bushes - I thawed some of our blueberries from last fall and made half regular waffles and half blueberry waffles! Yummy! Those look so good. Trust me, they're delicious. Try them.

I feel like I've been running around ever since we got home, so I take a 10 minute coupon break!

I put away a load of laundry that was dry, move some from the washer to the dryer and start a new load.

Leave to go pick up Bri from preschool.

Home from getting Bri. Time to get lunch started!

Yes, we ate bulls-eyes and corn for lunch. Don't judge. It is really hard being on this dairy-free diet the doctor put us on. It seems like there are so many foods we can't eat right now!

Lunch is over. I turn on a Mickey Mouse for the kids to watch while I clean up from lunch and wash those dishes.

Naptime routine starts.

Kids are upstairs in respective rooms. Time for devotions.

Guess who never fell asleep?

 I went to work on the barbecue, marinating it and shredding it a bit to prepare it for tonight.

Unload dishwasher, wash the few more dishes that ended up in the sink from the barbecue preparation.

Pick up around the house so it's not so chaotic when Stephen gets home. Go get Bri, who also never fell asleep.

Start a loaf of white bread in the bread machine - I'll freeze this later.

Play time!

I leave to take Brianna to Kindermusik, leaving Hunter and Daddy to fend for themselves for a while.

Home from Kindermusik and a quick trip to Harris Teeter. Make sure everything's going good with the barbecue and start cooking some green beans to go along with it.

Done eating. Time to clean up, give baths, put pajamas on (just the kids, unfortunately), play a little bit more, and read lots and lots of books before going to bed.

Both kids are in bed and I can finally do whatever I want to do! So obviously I cook some more! I make delicious strawberry oatmeal bars, except I substitute the strawberry jam with some of my homemade blackberry freezer jam.

What a day, what a day! A very normal Monday. Most other days of the week I set aside much more "play" time with the kids. I usually try to use Monday as a focus day for lots of chores and home-making things because it's such a hurried day anyway, between preschool and Kindermusik.

I would love for someone else to do this so I can peek into your life for one day!!


Brooke and Johnathan said...

I am exhausted reading this... but when I start to think of everything I do in a day I realize it's crazy too... but you do cook way more than I do!
I don't know times that well, but here goes:
6am - wake up, take a shower, warm AR's milk and make her breakfast (baby oatmeal and some fruit or veggie mixed in)
7:30ish - take AR to school, go to work
At some point during the day I will get lunch and go home to let the dogs out
5pm - pick up AR, go home
Usually AR takes a quick 20 min nap when I get home, so Johnathan and I can change, talk about our days, etc.
During this time we do some cleaning, whether it's laundry or bathroom cleaning, dishes, etc.
When AR wakes up we play with her for a while until it's time for her to eat
6:30 - feed the dogs
7pm - feed AR dinner, while Johnathan and I are fixing our dinner
7:30ish - we eat dinner
8pm - give AR a bath, then read books, give her a bottle, she goes to bed
8:45ish - Johnathan and I relax, catch up some more, watch mindless tv, and we are usually in bed before 10.

Amanda said...

It sounds like you get a lot of stuff done in the short amount of time you're at home, which is much more impressive to me! Thank you so much for sharing!

Jennifer Kirby said...

Have I ever mentioned that I am incredibly jealous of your cooking skills? Thanks for posting this -- it was fun to read it and the posts it inspired from a couple of other people. I love you!