Friday, May 4, 2012

Picture Update

I've got to get these pictures off my phone! I'm terrified something will happen to my phone and all my pictures/videos will be lost forever.

We went to dinner with one of our favorite families, the Akridges, the other night.

Of course Hunter was hitting the courts as usual:

Kaleb just chilling:

 Brianna hard at work:

Oma takes all three grandchildren for a walk! (Well, Hunter is helping push the stroller so it's not like she's really working that hard!)

 Brianna - 35 months, Hunter - 17 months, Kaleb - 8 months!

My sweet children!!

 Cindy thought her makeup would distract Brianna while we were in our ladies group meeting. Let's just say she was correct. And also she probably needs to purchase new makeup now.

 The tower that Brianna built me while I was at above ladies group meeting:

 I was a bad influence and we skipped Kindermusik to play on the playground instead...

Bri is a girl after my own heart - singing at the top of her lungs with her feet hanging out the window!!

Kassie is a BFF of Brianna's!!

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