Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend Getaway

We've had a pretty eventful time these last few days!! We took a trip to Georgia to see our family down there and we had such a great time! I started packing Thursday because I had plans for that evening so I wanted to be able to enjoy my night out without worrying about packing.

I don't know why I was worried about it anyway, Brianna was done in all of 30 seconds:

Her suitcase contains: a pair of shoes and socks for Brianna, and a pair of shoes and socks for Hunter.

I texted Leila and told her we might be doing some clothes shopping when we arrived!! But by that night, Brianna had seriously finished packing. She did all this and then came to me and said, "Mom, can I put my suitcase in the car now?" I told her I had to check her suitcase first.

It contained: 9 pairs of underwear, 2 bathing suits, 8 pairs of socks, 5 pairs of shoes and 1 outfit. The outfit she picked out were the dirty clothes she wore the day before. Too funny!!

Also on Thursday we had some business we had to finish up. Stephen, within less than 48 hours, sold the Jeep and bought a Toyota Celica. And made money on the deal! I'm very proud of him!

 Thursday night a bunch of us went out for our friend Heather's birthday. We went to Olive Garden and rocked the restaurant! After dinner we weren't quite ready to go home yet so we hit up the new yogurt place next to Olive Garden - Di'lishi! If you haven't been there yet I highly recommend it. Frozen yogurt (TONS of flavors) and over 75 toppings?? Yes please!! I loaded down my cookies 'n' cream yogurt with everything from raspberry truffles to jelly beans to caramel sauce to crushed Heath bars... I got a bunch of toppings and I only paid 2 bucks for it! Lovely!

 The next morning we headed out on the road for Georgia! The kids shocked us once again with how well they traveled. My "bag of tricks" wasn't even used. It had snack bags of Whales (knock-off of Goldfish) and Tastee-Os (knock-off of Cheerios), magazines (Highlights), Bri's favorite books, some musical toys, etc. etc. I am so thankful our kids are so easily entertained by themselves!

We pulled into the neighborhood and rolled all the windows down. I snapped this picture - do you see the little foot behind me hanging out the window? That would be Brianna. (You will probably need to enlarge the picture)

 I was so mesmerized by this new yogurt craze (Di'lishi) that I asked Leila if they had any places like that around. Turns out they do - Menchies! So everyone took me, probably to get me to shut up about the yogurt!! It was delicious and Brianna loved choosing her toppings!

She even met the Menchies mascot! It was really funny because after she hugged the person in the costume she looked at us and said, "That's not an ice cream cone... that's a MAN!"

We were having a cookout Saturday night so Stephen bought some fresh corn to grill. Brianna is a big help when it comes to shucking, so she did it over the fire pit so we could do a bonfire later.

Later in the afternoon, everyone was napping so Brianna and I took the opportunity to make a big tower. Jenn had given Brianna some of her Barbies to play with so I decided to make the tower a little more interesting... I added a prisoner!

This picture is from the ride home. Hunter sure has a funny look on his face but he was laughing hysterically. He would put these two stuffed animals on his head, sit extremely still and just say, "Hat? Hat?" over and over again. Then he would "bop" them off and crack up laughing. It was too funny!

We had cookie cake to celebrate Mother's Day and of course the kids loved it. Hunter was taking a bite, and then he'd shake his head and say, "Mmmmm!" Oh yeah, and that is NOT his Mountain Dew beside him!

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