Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kids Bowl Free!

Yes, we got free bowling passes for ALL SUMMER LONG, through September 30! We ended up paying $22 to get 2 free games every day for our whole family plus Jennifer and Seth when they are in town! Woohoo! We could have just gotten the free bowling passes for the kids but we love to bowl too, so this is something we'll hopefully be doing several times this summer! Today was our first time going to the bowling alley and we had a blast. Brianna is already asking for a bowling party for her birthday next year, in fact! My pictures are super blurry because the kids were not still at all (imagine that!) but you'll get the idea from looking at these!

 Seeing a 2-year old wearing bowling shoes is too precious!!

 Hunter spent most of his time perfecting his roll and figuring out which way of bowling he preferred. Here he is kicking while Daddy helps the ball along!

 And here's the ole sit-down-and-push!

 After just a few minutes Brianna was a professional at loading and pushing her ball by herself... both a 6-lb and 9-lb ball!

 Hunter after a spare!

 Game one! (We're a little rusty)

 Waiting for our turns:

 Game two (much improvement!)

An example of Hunter bowling:

An example of Brianna bowling:

So glad that Stephen finally had a weekend off that we could do some family time! We'll hopefully get to do a lot more bowling this summer!

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