Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer's List (Review)

This review is for the book "Summer's List" by Anita Higman. I have actually read one other book by Anita Higman, and really enjoyed it. I wish I could say the same for this particular book.

In this book, Summer's grandmother finds out she is dying. Her last wish is for Summer to complete a bucket list. I think this is a great premise, with one major flaw. The first item on the list is for Summer to find her friend Martin to complete the list with her. Well, Martin was her friend twenty years ago and they hadn't spoken in those two decades. But of course as soon as she shows up to his house, he is ready to be whisked away on this adventure with this woman who he hasn't stopped thinking about in twenty years.

Martin and his brothers (who are intolerable) seem to come straight out of a gothic novel. The characters' way of speaking is stilted and incredibly old-fashioned. The storyline was remarkably unbelievable. I never ended up liking any of the characters one bit, except maybe the dear old Granny. I really do not like giving poor reviews of books but this one just flopped for me.

Thank you to Litfuse Publicity for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

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OrangeHeroMama said...

Aww. oh no. I LOVED this book!