Saturday, June 27, 2015

What You Left Behind (Review)

This review is for the book "What You Left Behind" by Samantha Hayes. I read my first book written by Samantha Hayes about three months ago and I loved it. I loved the twists and turns in that novel and I really liked her writing style. So I was looking forward to reading another book by her. This one did not disappoint me.

In this book, Lorraine Fisher has come to Radcote just for a simple vacation with her sister. The city is still healing from a rash of teenage suicides when it looks like more suicides are beginning to take place. Lorraine is a detective inspector, so her police instincts set in. She begins investigating.

There are tons of suspicious characters - homeless teens, an autistic son, and plenty of other people who are just plain creepy. While reading the book you can prepare to suspect just about everyone of foul play. The ending is twisted and you won't be able to guess it. I love books like that. I look forward to reading another Hayes novel in the future.

Thank you to Waterbrook Multonah for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

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