Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I service society by rocking.

This is turning out to be quite a busy summer! I hope tonight will be spent in pajamas watching TV that will rot my brain. I would love a night like that. Saturday, Josh left to go back to Georgia. We tried to hit some yard sales before he left but we only got to two. We'll try again next time. Then I worked for a couple of hours, went home, did some yard work, and then Stephen and I had our first date alone in weeks. Stephen wanted to be in bed by 8, but he didn't get there until a little after 9. That's still pretty good.

Sunday night, Stephen and I, along with a few others at church, were baptized at Jean's pool. It felt so good after standing in the hot sun! Of course, I didn't get baptized for the coolness of the water, but it was a nice benefit. Last night I had Ladies' meeting at church, and we had Christmas in July. I only had a day to get something, so I got a book out of my yard sale box and wrapped it up. I got a candy dish with doves on it that Lora brought.

I don't think we have any plans tonight. The rest of our week is filled up with stuff, but it's very exciting stuff that I'm so ready to do! Tomorrow night is youth group, which we haven't had for two weeks because of VBS and 4th of July. Thursday night Stephen and I are going climbing so I can get my belay certification. Friday night we're doing dinner with Jenn and Matt, who we haven't seen in ages. Saturday morning we're golfing, Saturday afternoon we're rock climbing with the youth group, and Saturday night we're watching the UFC fight from last week. Sunday we have a date with Betty and Steve for cards. Then Stephen goes back to work. He probably won't feel like he has any time off.

Today at work, one of the kids that stays here (one of my coworker's kids) pulled her tooth. Four of the kids piled into the bathroom, yelling, laughing, and getting sick at the sight of blood. Turns out her bark was worse than her bite and she couldn't finish the job. Renee (who turns out to be kind of tough) helped her along. It was a molar, so there was lots of blood. Ugh. I'll leave that up to Stephen when we have kids. Having kids here makes me wonder how I'll handle living with them, because they're making me feel a bit crazy. And dizzy.

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