Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Random compliments and UFC

Last night was our first UFC party since moving home. We hopefully roped in some new fans and can make this a monthly occurance. Also it was fun because there was delicious food cooked by Jenn and Matt. Although they obviously didn't know that if you host the fight, you're not supposed to do any work! I was especially proud of Jenn for sitting down and watching a couple of the fights, and even rooting for one guy to win! It was cute the way she cringed when Gonzaga spit blood down Couture's back, etc. I was actually very touched how she sat with me while she ate even though she obviously abhorred what was on screen. Thanks Jenn Ki. I love you!!

Today as I was leaving the post office, a stranger passed me and as we smiled, he said, "You look very scholarly in your glasses!" I smiled bigger and thanked him in a rather excited manner. As I got in the car, I thought what a great random compliment that was. In my many (or not so many, compared to others) years of living, I have tried to look many things. Silly, beautiful, mature, sexy, alluring, legal, but never scholarly. And really, scholarly is the best out of all those! It's a confidence booster just to know that I can look something even if I don'tI live up to it. After all, when I got in the car and "Emotions" by Mariah Carey was playing, I knew all the lyrics. There's x% of my brain power. Another x% goes to Christian romance novels. Another x% goes towards movie trivia that only gains me power on Facebook. Another x% goes toward remembering things I have to do, things I need to tell people, things I need to make up to people, things I need to get over, and other odds and ends. Seems like I have a lot of wasted brain power. Ergh. How embarrassing.


jennifer said...

I love this post and I love you! You're so funny.

P.S. Don't worry too much about wasted brain space. You have an extra-large brain.

Dad said...

I've never met anyone who filled their brain capacity, so keep it up. I like the stuff you fill your brain with. As an aside, you've made me ponder--why do we refer to dim-witted folks as "dense?" Wouldn't dense mean their brain is simply more packed with knowledge than ours? (Now you see what MY brain is crammed with!) Love, Dad