Monday, November 17, 2008

#16 - Drive-in, #99 - meteor shower

We have returned from the mountains, and we are not very happy about it! It's hard to come back from somewhere so quiet to somewhere so... busy. One thing I love about vacationing with just Stephen is that we don't fill up the time with talking just to talk. I will post pictures one night this week, because I got some great ones even though I forgot my camera charger! I also forgot my phone charger, which is why if anyone had tried calling me, it would have gone straight to voicemail. Because there was no reception, and my phone kept trying to find a signal, it ran the battery down very quickly. This did not upset me in the least. My phone is not exactly a necessity.

I won't have any pictures from the first night. We didn't leave until we both got off work (well, I got off a little early) so we didn't even get there until 6pm, so of course it was dark. Also, the fog was so thick that we were only going about 15 mph, so any pictures would have turned out looking like The Mist anyway! We still made it in just over three hours, so not a bad trip.

I'll just blog about my 101 in 1001 accomplishments now, and then I'll put up pictures later. I got to finish two in one night!! Saturday night we drove back into North Carolina, to Mt. Airy, to go to:

The Bright Leaf Drive-In! This is an old picture from their website (if you saw how my pictures turned out you'd understand why I chose this one). We saw Madagascar 2 and it was hilarious!! It was a really great deal, because it was $6 per person but you could stay for the second show if you wanted to. Nights in Rodanthe was playing and neither of us was crazy about seeing it, plus it was a 30 minute drive back up the mountain, so we just left after the first movie. I absolutely loved the drive-in experience. Instead of speakers hooked up to your car, they run everything through your car radio, so it was clear, you didn't have to have your windows rolled down, and you didn't miss anything with people walking back and forth to the concession stand. I liked it better than a real movie theater because there were no interruptions!! (Cell phones, kids crying, etc.) The only cons were: when people came in late (which only two did that I noticed), their lights were kind of distracting, but fortunately that only lasted a few seconds. And we had to turn on the defrost about every 20 minutes for a few seconds because we were fogging up the windows. Wooo! Yeah, except just by breathing, so not very exciting.

On the way home, it was so incredibly clear that I took the opportunity to watch the meteor shower. Dad posted some dates for meteor showers and one's peak was on Sunday, so I figured Saturday night I might get lucky. I watched the whole way up the mountain, and then when we got back to the cabooses I stayed in the car a little longer to continue watching. I wasn't about to sit outside with the 35 mph gusts of wind that were happening! Unfortunately, I didn't see any meteors. I thought I saw one while we were driving, but too bad for me, you can't rewind and double check. So I'm checking this off my list, but I'm sure I'll watch another one within the next few months!

Tonight we are eating out with mom and dad and then we girls are meeting up with Jenn at a trunk show. There will be all homemade stuff there and it should be really good, so I'm excited about leaving work for that reason!


jennifer said...

Yay for weekend getaways, dead cell phones and fogging up car windows! Ha ha. Love you, see you tonight!

Two Scoops of Shoup said...

I love drive in movie theathers as well. We use to go to one when we were in high school (my sister and the other two sister groups we hung out with) and we would go shopping before hand and pop our own popcorn, bring drinks, cookies, all the junk food you could possibly eat LOL and pick up a pizza or two. We would take our friend's mom's van so we would all fit lol and it was just fun.

Well it sounds like you had the perfect weekend though!!!