Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, Halloween is over, which means October is over. Wow! What a fast month! Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here, and then Christmas, and then before you know it it's Fruitcake Toss Day. Ah, how time flies.

Friday night we had our fall festival at church. I had to leave work early in order to make the three cakes I volunteered for that night. This year, none of us really had the energy to dress up and be anything really time-consuming. I was a leaf blower. My costume consisted of a ball cap with a leaf taped to it. The leaf hung in front of my face, and when asked what I was, I would blow the leaf. Stephen was an autograph book. He wore a white shirt and had people sign him with magic markers. Jenn taped a bag of potato chips to her shirt and was "All that and a bag of chips". So none of us really went out of our way. It was more important to be warm! We had a really great time. Stephen won an outstanding buttercream cake and I won a German chocolate cake, which will probably make the rounds at work with me. But that buttercream cake has my name written all over it!! I worked the fishing game most of the night (most everyone knows that game - a fishing pole with a clothespin is thrown over a sheet and candy magically appears on the end of the clothespin). Lemme tell ya, there were some greedy kids there!! Stephen and I rode the hayride together. It was such a clear night, and the stars captured my attention more than the youth group jumping out of the woods yelling. Stephen did have to have a talk with one 9-year old on the hayride who kept screaming that zombies were going to jump out and eat our brains.... Stephen reminded him that there were a lot of little kids on the ride. For example, in Stephen's lap sat The Hulk, and across from us was Spiderman. Pretty much the whole ride, Spiderman was webbing The Hulk and The Hulk would growl ferociously back. It was pretty funny!

Saturday, unfortunately, I had to work while Stephen et. al went to the local tractor pull. It was an extraordinarly busy day because we are renovating the entire shelter - new carpet, paint, electrical work... and everyone was asking me what to do like I had any clue. But it's all going to be worth it in a couple of months when the renovations are done! I spent the day doing that and entertaining and very imaginative 2-year old. Maybe not this imaginative, but very fun for 2! We read for the last hour or so that I was at work. When he saw food on the page, he would grab it and feed it to me. Then we read a book about a family that went to the beach, so we ate the picnic lunch, went swimming, dug holes, and then I made crabs crawl all over his face. He thought it was hilarious! I thought it was pretty fun too. I'm easily entertained.

After 12 hours at work, I was really ready to lounge around, but I was also really hungry, so I was happy to go out with Stephen, Steve, Jenn and Lauren to Raffaele's for dinner. After that, Stephen, Jenn and I were planning on hitting up this Haunted Forest which was really close to our house. We thought. It didn't say where it was at exactly, but we were pretty sure it was just down the road. So we turned on to the street. Eventually we came to a Y, so we chose a direction. After what must have been 20 minutes of driving, we decided to turn around because who knew where it was!? But after about half a mile, we turned around and decided to try to find it. Eventually we ran into a road that Stephen knew. Actually, it is the road that he hunts on - which that farm is like 30-40 minutes from our house!! But we had come this far, so we kept going. Crossing county lines and all. Finally he said that he thought he knew where it was - at this huge RV campground. At last we came to it!!! So we got there, and Stephen asked how much it was - $6 per person. We just started cracking up because we knew even between the three of us we probably didn't have enough money for that. To tell the truth, if we had to leave, Jenn and I probably wouldn't have been too upset because we were both terrified already! We needed $18 and had $17 between us. Arrrrgh!!! Fortunately, I was able to scrounge up a bunch of dimes for that last dollar!! When we got to the ticket line, we found out the whole forest would take 25 minutes! After waiting in this crazy long line! But we had driven all this way, and paid every cent we had, so we had to do it!!

It ended up being worth it. It was this really detailed maze, but you did have a guide for most of the time. One cool thing they did was give you six clues in the beginning, and then halfway through you had to remember those clues and use them to get out of a house... OR ELSE!!! Jenn and I held hands the entire time, but I have to admit there were some pretty funny times during it. For example, one of our guides kept texting as we were walking, which kind of ruined the mood but was so funny!! She kept saying, "I'm sorry I have friends!" She even took a phone call and talked about all of us while we were standing right there! Too hilarious. Then we had a guy who jumped out to scare us, but slipped and fell right on his butt. Jenn and I almost died laughing. Although the guy with the chainsaw really got us. I HATE the chainsaw guy!! And we knew he was coming and he still got us! We got home really late but it definitely was worth it for the laughs and the story!!

Now I've got to go vote! Because if I don't, that's just wrong!

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