Friday, November 14, 2008


I just realized I haven't updated in over a week. I doubt many people have noticed, but for others who aimlessly surf the web and need something to read, I apologize. The only things I have to blog about have pictures to go with them and I haven't uploaded those pics yet, so I can't blog about it yet.

I hate letting my gas light come on. When it comes on, my whole body tenses and I get butterflies in my stomach. I know I have around 40 miles before my car stalls in the middle of the road, but I always feel like it's going to stop RIGHT. NOW. On the other hand, I have been in the car with Jenn when we have gotten in the car, and the light was already on, and we went to lunch and came back without her even flinching or glancing down at the light. Maybe she's just less paranoid than I am. Anyway, one day a couple of weeks ago, my gas light came on, so of course I got gas. Then I decided to flip my trip switch so I could see how many miles I was getting with a tank of gas. It just so happened that the next time I filled up the gas light was on yet again, so this may be a pretty accurate reading. Guess how many miles I went from gas light to gas light??? ......... 508 miles! Sweeeet! My car only has an 11 gallon tank so that is really awesome (about 46 miles to the gallon for those of you not near a calculator).

There is this guy at the post office who, within the past couple of weeks, has crossed the line of polite chatting to creepy dude. He is the janitor, so he is always there when I am there, and I guess that is what I get for smiling at everyone I come across. Now, I have never really needed a way to get someone to stop checking me out. I was always so focused on getting someone to notice me, I never thought about getting someone to turn away their attention! But I found the ultimate checker-outer killer!! Getting pregnant!!

I guess a couple of weeks ago I still didn't really look pregnant, and even two days ago when he saw me. So I took matters into my own hands. Yesterday I was wearing a shirt that really flared out, so when I saw him in the hall of the post office, I immediately pooched my stomach out (not as hard to do as a week ago), and started the preggo waddle. I think we all know what this waddle is, and it's amazing how you do it without even thinking about it, even when you don't need to do it. So he gave me the same cheesy smile he always gives me, but this time when he checked me out, he did a double take at my stomach. The sappy grin fell off his face, and he said, "So... how far along are you?" I said, "4 1/2 months", smiling sweetly. He said, "Well.. congratulations." and immediately walked off to another part of the post office. Score one for me! I got rid of creepy guy without being rude!

Not too long until Stephen and I leave for our VERY PRIVATE AND ALONE vacation. I can't remember the last time we were on vacation and we could do whatever we wanted to do, whenever we wanted to do it, eat where we want to, go to bed when we want to, stay in PJs all day if we want to, do nothing if we want to, and be mushy and romantic whenever we want to. I am very very excited!! So you'll forgive me if I just happen to see you in Virginia and I act like I have no clue who you are. Because this vacation is not involving anyone except for my little bubble!!! Okay. Enough said.

I just re-read that paragraph above and it sounds really snotty and selfish!! But I think it was my wise sister who once said you should never feel selfish when it comes to spending time alone with you and your spouse. That girl is wise beyond her years.

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jennifer said...

I NOTICED your posting deficit! Thank you for addressing it.

I hate getting gas more than anything. I put it off as long as humanly possible, but I've never run out.

Have fun on your trip! You SERIOUSLY deserve it.

I love you!