Monday, January 5, 2009

Baby Clothes

If you don't care about baby clothes, you can skip this post. :) These are the cutest ones from Kohl's. At 80% off, they came out to be less than $2 per onesie. No, I cannot just be a normal person and not tell how cheap I got them. (Did that sentence make sense?)

These were the cutest ones I got from Goodwill. Each was $1.69!

These are the onesies special-made by Jenn. I LOVE THEM!!! You probably won't get the first one. I doubt anyone gets it except me, Jenn, and probably Mary D.

I love baby clothes!! (Especially cheap ones)


Two Scoops of Shoup said...

I miss sales :( We don't get many here and you definitely don't get any off the economy! We went to the mall and I couldn't believe the prices and they totally trick you with all these sale signs and nothing really is that cheap!!

My sister hits up the Goodwill every other Saturday because the whole store is 50% off.

Meadow said...

I too love baby clothes..! 80% off sounds fantastic.