Monday, January 19, 2009

Family, Doctors, and Snow, Oh my!!

This weekend we had family in town for the long weekend. Stephen's family from Georgia came up Friday night. The plan was to paint the nursery and get it done by the time they left today. It was supposed to take a really long time because we did stripes, and taping it would take forever.

Saturday morning, while everyone else was taping and painting, Josh and I traipsed off into town to run some errands. I did a McDonald's mystery shop for breakfast, and then I showed him how to get rebates from Rite Aid and use coupons at Walgreens to get two boxes of cereal for $3.50. Then we took a load of stuff to the coalition and Fifi's, and then another load to the dump for recycling. We got back to the house just in time to go to Tripp's for lunch - YUMS!! Nicely planned.

The taping/painting was pretty much done by about 7:15 that night. It was a pretty detailed, painstaking process. But the end result was so worth it! I would post pictures, but they all turned out orange for some reason (our paint was green) so I'm going to have to play with it some to get a good picture. After we finished up, Stephen, Jenn, Josh and I headed to Potter's Cafe to hear our church band play from 8-10. They're not really our church band, but it's so much easier to call them that then explain that they're three guys from our church who formed a band and play in church (among other venues) pretty frequently. But now you know. People filled up the whole place, and they rocked that little coffee shop! Stephen drank enough coffee to start a tab, and I was just thankful that they could make anything decaf. I wanted something to sip on but did NOT need to get jacked up so late at night!!

Yesterday, after church, we went to the Chompin' Ground for lunch, which is somewhere everyone can agree to go. Then we went shopping... yay. We hit the plaza - while everyone else headed to Belk, Jenn and I went straight for the 75% off signs at Bath and Body Works. By the time we got home from all that, we had just enough time to play a rowdy game of Outburst (which the girls lost - JUST BARELY!) before heading back to church.

Today I had another doctor's appointment. Supposedly it was supposed to be a nothing appointment. So imagine my surprise when my doctor walks into the room we've been sitting in for 25 minutes, and asks if I've already had my drink? No. No one gave me a drink. No one told me that today was my gestational diabetes test. So we had to wait a whole hour after I drank the stuff. Stephen stayed with me, although I kept telling him he could leave. I'm glad he didn't leave after all, because I had left my book in the car. I would have ended up having to read gossip magazines to occupy my time otherwise. Anyway, so after they drew my blood they pricked my finger, and my sugar was 117! Woohoo!!! I don't have the diabeetus!! I also was extremely happy with my weight gain and blood pressure, so everything looks great! My next appointment will be in 3 weeks and then two weeks after that we'll have our 3-D ultrasound! And then only 8 weeks from due date.... Wow. So weird.

The talk of the town here is how much snow we're supposedly getting after midnight tonight. I'm not getting my hopes up. But if it does happen, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll take some pictures, since this is such a rarity. I won't take many, cause it'll be hard to see if from my spot next to the fireplace...

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